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There's A 5Lb Pho Bowl Challenge In Vancouver And It's Epic AF

And there's a $100 prize for the winner!

If you say you love pho (which most of us do), it's time for you to show 'em exactly how much. Now, you no longer have to travel across the border to chow down on the world's largest bowl of pho, because we've got our on in Vancouver.

Get in on one of the city's newest, most epic food challenges ever - appropriately named the "Six O Pho" Challenge, this food adventure hosted by Dundas Eat + Drink requires you to eat 5 whole pounds of pho within 30 minutes!

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If you can finish the oodles of noodles and loads of soup, including the meat toppings, within the allotted time frame, you get it for free. And if you have the fastest eating time amongst all challengers, you receive a $100 cash prize.

The challenge is only available until December 31, so you better get in on it quick. And make sure to get there early because they only make 6 bowls daily on a first come first serve basis.

Dundas Eat + Drink is located at 2077 Dundas St. The challenge is available daily from 5PM to 10PM.

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