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These Are The Best Restaurants In Downtown Vancouver By Neighbourhood

The crème de la crème of Vancouver.

Whether you love sushi or tacos, fancy seafood or messy BBQ ribs, Vancouver is the place to be if you like to eat. There are so many restaurants in so many neighbourhoods it can be hard to choose which ones to try.

If you're new to the city, then you're in for a treat. We've listed out a very important list of some of Vancouver's best restaurants that you have to try. If you've been a Vancouverite since day one, we've got a few spots that you may not have heard of... or at least you haven't tried yet. Some of them are local favourites and others are new kids on the block, but what do these OGs and newbies have in common? They serve drop dead delicious food.

Now sometimes the biggest problem when it comes to dining out is choosing which neighbourhood you want to be in. Maybe you're going on a night out after dinner and need a restaurant that's close by, or perhaps you're already in downtown but too lazy to transit to a place to eat that's on the other side of downtown, so to ease your stress, we've categorized these restaurants by neighbourhood.

So without further ado, here are some of Downtown Vancouver's best restaurants by neighbourhood.

West End

Coal Harbour

Central Downtown

Gastown, Chinatown & Railtown

Yaletown & Crosstown

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Where: 1300 Robson St

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Type: Casual, Comfort Food

Most popular item: Corned Bison Hash and Two Rivers Turkey Sausage Hash

Price: 💸💸

Why you should go: If you're craving breakfast food but it's not the weekend yet, Forage has got your back. They serve breakfast every day of the week from 6:30 to 10 AM, and 7 to 10 AM on Saturdays and Sundays. The atmosphere is super cozy and the food is definitely comforting.


Hook Sea Bar

Where: 1210 Denman St

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Type: Seafood

Most popular item: Oishi Sushi and Raw Oysters

Price: 💸💸 - 💸💸💸

Why you should go: If you're by English Bay and you just can't get enough of the gorgeous ocean views but you're getting hungry AF, you should definitely head on over to Hook. Located right by the waterfront, this seafood restaurant is serving up some tasty surf and turf and the space itself is very hip. Great for dinner, late night drinks or even brunch.


Zabu Chicken

Where: 1635 Robson St

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Type: Korean

Most popular item: Spicy and Soy Fried Chicken

Price: 💸💸

Why you should go: Zabu Chicken is one of my favourite restaurants to go to for beer pitchers and finger lickin' good chicken. The atmosphere is always bumpin' with booming loud K-Pop, I swear it's almost like the club in there... but with amazing chicken. If you're looking to have a good time with your squad, this is the spot.



Where: 774 Denman St

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Type: Farm-to-Table, Comfort Food

Most popular item: Seasonal

Price: 💸💸

Why you should go: Ritual is probably one the cutest brunch spots to go to on a rainy afternoon in Vancouver. The interior is super cozy and they even have a massive French window on one end of the restaurant where you can dine in front of and watch the rain dance outside. Their menu is always changing so make sure you ask one of their ever-so-friendly waiters what's good.



Where: 823 Denman St

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Type: Japanese Izakaya and Yakitori

Most popular item: Yakitori

Price: 💸💸

Why you should go: If you love Japanese izakayas and yakitori (skewers) then you will absolutely love Zakkushi. You can choose your skewers by the stick and they even have some unique options like chicken heart, chicken gizzard, and even liver... of course, if you dare to try it that is.


Honourable Mentions:

Yuzu Shokutei // 854 Denman St

Kosoo // 832 Cardero St

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Tableau Bar Bistro

Where: 1181 Melville St

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Type: French Bistro

Most popular item: Chicken and Waffles and Seafood Tower

Price: 💸💸

Why you should go: When you're craving some chicken and waffles, but also want a fancy new restaurant to try, Tableau is the spot. Their brunch is absolutely to-die-for and so is their seafood tower.


Heritage Asian Eatery

Where: 1108 W Pender St

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Type: Asian Fusion

Most popular item: Baos, Rice Bowls, and Fried Cauliflower

Price: 💸 - 💸💸

Why you should go: Love the fried cauliflower from Nuba? Then you'll absolutely die when you try the fried cauliflower at Heritage. But not only is that delicious, so are their rice bowls and sweet matcha condensed milk with man tous to finish off your meal.



Where: 1017 W Hastings St

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Type: Canadian

Most popular item: Pizza and Roasted Bone Marrow

Price: 💸💸 - 💸💸💸

Why you should go: Nightingale is just fancy enough to impress someone, but not so fancy that you'll feel too intimidated to order anything. They menu is rather simple but delicious with familiar items that you're sure to enjoy.


Meat & Bread

Where: 1033 W Pender St

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Type: Sandwich Shop

Most popular item: Porchetta Sandwich

Price: 💸

Why you should go: Don't be fooled by their simple sandwich shop concept. They may only serve sandwiches, but these sandwiches will make you fall in love. Their signature porchetta sandwich is made with tender slices of pork which they roast with love. One sandwich from here and you'll never want a sammy from anywhere else.


Honourable Mentions:

Prestons // 1177 W Pender St

Yui Japanese Bistro // #102-1185 W Georgia St

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Guu Garden

Where: 888 Nelson St

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Type: Japanese Izakaya

Most popular item: Saba Oshi Sushi, Chicken Karaage and Sapporo Mega Pints

Price: 💸💸

Why you should go: I've said it before and I'll say it again, Guu Garden is one of the best spots to eat, drink, and chill with the squad. The environment is super fun and they have Sapporo MEGA PINTS! MEGA PINTS! Just, yas.


Boulevard Kitchen & Oyster Bar

Where: 845 Burrard St

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Type: Upscale Restaurant, Seafood

Most popular item: Seafood Tower and Brunch

Price: 💸💸💸

Why you should go: If you're trying to plan a fancy birthday dinner date for your bae or even your BFF, Boulevard is the place to go. The interior is super boujee and so is the food. And if you want to be extravagant without spending extravagant amounts of money, go during the Happy Hour for a good time with good bites.


Bistro Verde

Where: 799 Robson St

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Type: Bistro

Most popular item: Short Rib Grill Cheese

Price: 💸💸

Why you should go:


The Pawn Shop

Where: 1117 Granville St

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Type: Tacos

Most popular item: $1 Happy Hour Tacos

Price: 💸 - 💸💸

Why you should go: The Pawn Shop always delivers good vibes all around, all the time. During their Happy Hour, they're always bumpin' early 2000s hip hop tracks and serving up $1 tacos and $3 tequila shots. I talk about this spot all the time because it's worth raving about.


Honourable Mentions:

Chancho Tortilleria // 1206 Seymour St

Cafe Medina // 780 Richards St

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The MacKenzie Room

Where: 415 Powell St

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Type: Farm-To-Table

Most popular item: Current seasonal favourite - Chicken of the Sea

Price: 💸💸 - 💸💸💸

Why you should go: Located in the up and coming trendy neighbourhood of Railtown, The MacKenzie Room is a breath of fresh air from your typical dinner service. Their menu is written on a chalkboard because it's always changing to what's fresh and in season, meaning you will only get served the best of the best food. The service is impeccable, the interior is rustic and cozy, and the food is to-die-for.


La Mezcaleria

Where: 68 E Cordova St

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Type: Casual, Mexican

Most popular item: Queso Fundito

Price: 💸💸

Why you should go: La Mezcaleria is notoriously known in Vancouver for their sinfully delicious Queso Fundito, a sizzling hot stone bowl oozing with an amalgam of molten cheese that you can dip with a crispy nacho. Tbh, there's not a whole lot in this world that's better than this - and this is why it's a Vancouver best.



Where: 2 Water St

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Type: Southern Comfort Food, BBQ

Most popular item: Pork Robs and Hush Puppies

Price: 💸💸

Why you should go: I once had a good friend who was born and raised in Kentucky and then moved to Vancouver.  She brought me to Peckinpah and told me that it is by far one of the most real and authentic Southern style restaurants she had every been to... and she wasn't lying. The BBQ meats are smoked to perfection and the hush puppies are fluffier than real puppies. If you want a real taste of the South, this is the spot.


Virtuous Pie

Where: 583 Main St

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Type: Vegan Pizza

Most popular item: Everything!!

Price: 💸

Why you should go: Because everyone loves pizza! And this is the only place that will probably make you feel a little less guilty for horking an entire pizza in one bite... because it's vegan. There's also something just so warm and comforting about the exposed brick walls and arch shaped wall decor that makes you feel like you're inside of a pizza oven.


Tuc Craft Kitchen

Where: 60 W Cordova St

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Type: Rustic, Comfort Food

Most popular item: Fried Chicken and Waffles

Price: 💸💸

Why you should go: Any true Vancouverite knows that Tuc Craft is famous for their crispy and juicy Fried Chicken and Waffles. It's a Vancouver classic that you have to try at least once in your life. They even have DIY Mimosas at brunch, so what's the hesitation?


St. Lawrence

Where: 269 Powell St

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Type: French, Quebecios

Most popular item: Oreilles de Crisse, Côte de porc and Steak tartare

Price: 💸💸 - 💸💸💸

Why you should go: Hands down one of the best French restaurants in the city. The service is amazing, the atmosphere is always warm and inviting, and the food is authentically Quebecois. The chef himself, JC Poirier, is a native Quebecois and so are his staff (with a few exceptions who hail from France). If you're looking for a classy dinner date that will impress, St. Lawrence will sweep you and your date off your feet.


Honourable Mentions:

Tacofino // 15 W Cordova St

Phnom Penh // 244 E Georgia St

Rhinofish // 550 Main St

Juniper // 185 Keefer St

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Banter Room

Where: 1039 Mainland St

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Type: Lounge

Most popular item: Southern Fried Chicken and London Broil Steak

Price: 💸💸

Why you should go: Admittedly, Banter Room is more of a lounge than it is your traditional sit-down dinner restaurant, but the space is amazing for larger parties and the food is awesome. And how can you turn down a Moët Champagne vending machine?


Blue Water Cafe

Where: 1095 Hamilton St

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Type: Seafood, Raw Bar

Most popular item: Seafood Tower and Sushi

Price: 💸💸💸

Why you should go: Blue Water Cafe & Raw Bar is one of the city's top rated restaurants and for good reason. This restaurant is known in Vancouver for it's amazing seafood and boujee interior. Wanting to splurge a little for the evening? This place is worth it.



Where: 1009 Hamilton St

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Type: Pacific Northwest Mexican

Most popular item: Seasonal

Price: 💸💸 - 💸💸💸

Why you should go: Not only is Fayuca bringing the heat from Mexico in the tropical dining room, they're bringing the heat from the kitchen. This Pacific Northwest Mexican fusion restaurant is serves incredibly unique creations unlike any other Mexican restaurant in Vancouver and you won't be disappointed.


WildTale Coastal Grill

Where: 1079 Mainland St

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Type: Seafood

Most popular item: Seafood Tower, Raw Oysters, and Salt Spring Island Mussels

Price: 💸💸 - 💸💸💸

Why you should go: If you couldn't already tell, we love our seafood here in Vancouver and we couldn't possible end the list without adding just one more seafood restaurant. WildTale is an exceptionally delicious restaurant that serves the West Coast's freshest and finest. If you've never tried Salt Spring Island Mussels, trust me, it will change your life.


Honourable Mentions:

Jam Cafe // 556 Beatty St

Homer St. Cafe // 898 Homer St

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