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This Breathtaking Lookout Point In BC Is The Perfect Date Spot For Summer

You'll feel on top of the world!

With so many mountain regions in British Columbia, there is an abundance of spectacular views that are to be experienced living in the area.

Around a five-hour drive from Downtown Vancouver, there is a view point platform located on the edge of a cliff that offers stunning views of Okanagan, Oyama - including Kalamalka Lake, Wood Lake, and Terrace Mountain.

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Oyama is a region that is located a 50-minute drive from the city of Kelowna, British Columbia. The Oyama Lookout is a little hidden secret of Oyama - and is surprisingly rather easy to access!

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It is more of a hangout spot than a hike, but you’ll have the chance to take some amazing photographs of the view below. This really is one of the best spots to just take a day trip, explore, and watch the sunset - and, it’s dog-friendly!

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To get to the Oyama Lookout, head up Oyama Lake Road and pull over at the twelfth U-turn, which is around 8km from the Middle Bench Road/Todd Road intersection. Walk out to the cliff-side and walk southwest along the edge of the cliff until it ends, the trail will eventually end but the platform is only a few hundred metres later on your left! 

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Get your cameras ready for some amazing Instagram pictures!

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