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This Hidden Creek In BC Is The Perfect Swimming Spot For Summer

Time for a dip!

We can never get enough of finding new spots to explore during the summer - and nothing is more satisfying than a day in the hot sun and cold water.

This little creek located on Vancouver Island is the perfect spot to spend the day lazing around - and then cooling off in the icy water.

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Wally Creek is located between Port Alberni and Tofino, just off the highway. It is one of the most beautiful swimming spots in the area so you can't miss it!

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You can spend the entire day here enjoying the sun and dipping into the icy cold creek water, exploring the little nooks and crannies. The rocks are formed into many bends and curves, making it a beautiful spot to enjoy!

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Slightly further down below the waterfall there is a large rock where people enjoy cliff jumping - if you're up for it of course! Just ensure that you take caution, as rocks can become slippery when wet.

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The creek water is amazingly clear, and on a sunny day glistens with an aquamarine hue - making it look even more inviting for a dip.

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Another attraction at this swimming spot is a chain link fence that has over time become a 'love lock fence', that is, a spot for couples to leave locks often with their initials adorned on them.

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Be sure to take a trip with friends to Wally Creek this summer - it's one of those spots you can't miss out on!

Note: When visiting Wally Creek, please be mindful of the environment. Always pick up after yourself and leave the area exactly the way you found it.

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