This "Hidden" Gem Village Is Literally The Cutest Place In BC

It's time to go on an adventure!

If you've been to Steveston, you probably fell in love with the cute, little town in the heart of Richmond. The quaint, quiet town has used its charm and ambiance to capture the hearts of Vancouverites everywhere. Well we bet you're wanting more - and we, are ready to deliver. 

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Welcome to Fort Langley, the hidden gem that's quickly growing in popularity and grabbing comparisons to Steveston. The small village of approximately 3,400 people was once considered the birthplace of British Columbia. 

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With an endless amount of dining and shopping, it's the perfect place for a day trip. Not only that but there are plenty of hiking trails and outdoor parks to explore and conquer. 

Want to see what Fort Langley has to offer? To see food and drink, click 'Next' 

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