It's blazing hot outside. The sun is out, you've probably got a sunburn by now and you're in need of something to cool you off. You're past the whole dollar drink days at McDonald's and you're looking for something... sweeter and more satisfying. 

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How about some ice cream? Where you might ask? Well cue this amazing map we made for you. No matter where you are, you'll be able to find a place. We even found the best spots for vegan ice cream and Vancouver's latest trend - nitrogen ice cream. So take a screenshot, text your friends, and study hard. Here are the sweetest ice cream spots mapped out just for you. 

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via @thepraguery

The Praguery // Olympic Village Square 

It's taking everything you know and love and making it a little more extra. And we're all for that. Their truck mainly haunts in Olympic Village, but you can find their other locations here. 

via @earnesticecream

Earnest Ice Cream // 1829 Quebec Street

It's staple Vancouver ice cream that's growing bigger and bigger with two new locations. You're seriously missing out if you've never been. 

via @curiocityvancouver

Rooster’s Ice Cream Bar // 1039 East Broadway

Relatively new to the ice cream scene, Rooster's is all about artisan ice cream crafted with the best ingredients they can get their hands on. 

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Rain or Shine Ice Cream // 3382 Cambie St

In addition to hosting several vegan flavours, they take the concept of 'taco Tuesday' to a new level! 

via @mariavilladolid

Shishinori // 2328 Cambie St

All the ice cream without the mess of a cone, served up in a delightful matcha parfait. This one's a definite win. 

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Bella Gelateria // 1089 Marinaside Crescent

Also hosting a location on Cordova, this award-winning gelateria always features new and unique flavors. 

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Mister // 1141 Mainland Street

Not only are they one of the premier nitrogen-style parlours, they have killer sandwiches and torched treats. Featured above are their smores, creme brule and strawberry mint. 

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ON Yogurt // 95 Smithe Street

Besides their frozen yogurt and gelato, their newest claim to fame is the taiyaki! It's a giant baked cake that's filled to the teeth (literally) with froyo and other treats! 

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Soft Peaks // 25 Alexander St

Their Avalon milk soft serve is smooth, creamy and absolutely addictive. One of the most popular desert places in Gastown, Soft Peaks is a must-visit anytime you're in the area. 

Honourable Mentions: 

via @glenburnsoda

Glenburn Soda Fountain and Confectionary //4090 Hastings St

A huge throwback to the fifty's, Glenburn has a classy retro vibe that's supported by mouthwatering sundaes, floats and sodas! 

via @vancity_food_

720 Sweets // 3278 West Broadway

One of the coolest (literally) ice cream spots to hit Vancouver, this ice cream joint has enough toppings to leave anyone indecisive. 

via @welcomeparlour

Welcome Parlour Ice Cream // 8th Street East 

Ice cream flights, floats, and an old-school candy store, their earl grey and maple bourbon will definitely win you over. 

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