Dong Thap Noodles in Seattle offers a Pho Super Bowl Challenge: a chance for hearty contenders to try to vanquish a massive bowl of pho: four litres of vietnamese broth, four pounds of noodles and four pounds of meat! This quirky restaurant offers a chance to food-lovers to achieve flory by consuming what might be the world's LARGEST bowl of soup-based pho noodles.

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This crazy bowl of broth, noodles and meat is as big as a kitchen sink and you only have an hour and a half time limit to win this food challenge. What increases your chances of winning are finding three buddies who love to eat (you are allowed 4 people to finish the Superbowl in 90 minutes). Anyone who actually survives this hellish-yet-surprisingly-fun challenge is commemorated against Dong Thap's wall-mounted flat screens, and also receives $100! The price of defeat is $40. 

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This interactive challenge isn't just a gimmicky contest, the potential for fame or winning one hundred dollars-- customers keep coming again and again because they have a love for pho. The owners of this pho shop in Seattle hand-make all their noodles on-site in a strenuous four-day process and these magnificent noodles are arguably, the best in the city.

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Many customers will laugh and joke around while either rapidly or strategically calculating their eating success. Some customers can be heard on Yelp, "I feel like the walls are closing in but this is awesome!"  

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Since the noodles are made in-house, if you want to participate in this challenge, it's a good idea to call a few hours in advance to reserve a bowl or two because they need some time to prepare. Better safe than sorry!

Dong Thap is located at 303 12th Ave S. Ste A (98144) in Seattle. Visit their Facebook page for more info!

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