Has anyone ever said to you that they don't like cheese? No. Everyone loves cheese. This is pretty much a universal fact. Even vegans love cheese, granted they appreciate the dairy-free type. So when I say that you can get a massive bowl of molten hot melted cheese at a local restaurant, I know you're already floored and soaked in your own drool.

Now, if you're a certified local foodie, then you've probably already been to this spot a million times for their molten cheese bowl. But if you're not, then you gon' learn something today.

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Coming to you straight from Commercial Drive is La Mezcaleria's Queso Fundito, simply put, it's cheese fondue... but Mexican... and on steroids. While it may be called "cheese fondue" it's nothing like your traditional Swiss style fondue.

La Mezcal's Queso Fundito has more texture; bite; exotic flavours; includes your choice of chorizo, salsa verde, spiced mushrooms, or spicy roasted tomato salsa; is meant to be eaten with a soft taco; and is served to you in a sizzling hot Mexican stone bowl made from volcanic rock.

While the famous Queso Fundito seems to be the main event at La Mezcaleria, the Mexican joint as has an incredible brunch menu that was just recently launched as well as the most incredible fish tacos (definitely right up there next to Tacofino).

And of course, as the name of the restaurant implies, this joint is all about the mezcal - mezcal drinks, flights, and cocktails. While they have a solid permanent drink menu, you should definitely try their featured drinks, as their cocktail experts and bar masters are always mixing things up with new flavours and liquors.

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La Mezcaleria has two locations: 1622 Commercial Dr and 68 E Cordova St. That being said, I think I've done enough talking and it's time for me to shut up so you can start making your Friday night queso fundito plans.

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