There are certain days where it seems like everybody, and I mean everybody around us single folk is in a relationship. Maybe it's the cute couple on the bus that cuddled for the whole ride home. Or the old grandparents who share a piece of cake at our favourite cafés. Nothing makes us feel lonelier than seeing everybody but us with "somebody to lean on." But the truth is, we often forget that there are so many perks to being single at a young age, especially in a city as amazing as Vancouver. Sure it's nice to have someone to cuddle with when it rains (every two days). But certain things in life are priceless and one of those things is freedom.

I'm not saying that relationships are always constricting. It is true however, that they constrict you from in the truest sense, 'finding yourself' (however cheesy that sounds.) If you're single right now and feeling blue about it, perk up and read the 10 pros of being single in Vancouver: 

1.You'll have an abundance of time for a gals/guys nights out.

Whether you're hitting Granville street for a night of dancing or Gastown for a delicious dinner, there are endless things to do in Vancity. There are some experiences that you just have to have with your friends and a significant other can take away from that.

2. You can get guys to buy you drinks at clubs.

If you're a girl, you know the tricks to getting your night's cost cut in half. Bat your lashes at Republic or swish your hair at the Roxy. You know what you've got and you know what it can get (Vodka-cran).

3. You can get to know all the Vancouver dating types.

From the vegan-hike-enthusiasts to the bong-heads, you get to sample them all! Dating in Vancouver can be an interesting experience and you don't want to miss out on the adventure. Take a look at the types of guys I met in Vancity here.

4. You can hang out in the same Lululemon yoga pants 24/7.

If you want to put on a face mask, wear yoga pants for the whole day, and eat your cat's weight in ice cream, you go for it! Nobody is there to judge.

5. You can take sporadic trips around Beautiful British Columbia.

Once again, bffs are so important. The best way to build memories with them is to travel together and that can sometimes take a backseat to your significant other when you're in a serious relationship. Book your ticket, you're free as a bird!

6. You can buy yourself Purdy's chocolate on Valentines day.

And eat it all.

7. You can feel yourself on social media.

There's no question about it, most couples in love tend to morph into themselves on social media. Every new picture is a "she's beautiful", "my dream guy" or the classic: "bae." When you're single, you can be as narcissistic as you want. Post that selfie with that flattering snapchat filter. Take a hike photo where you look like a freaking powerful goddess! This is your time.

8. You can spend $100s at Aritizia without guilt.

When you're single, your money is YOUR money. Sometimes in a serious relationship, we feel the need to spend on our loved ones. As a single human, YOU are your loved one. Spend spend spend.

9. You can eat whatever cuisine you're feeling that day.

One word: compromise. It doesn't exist when you don't have someone to constantly agree with. Feeling sushi for the sixth time this week? Dynamite roll, here I come.

10. You'll know yourself better than ever.

Being in a relationship can be amazing. You are constantly supported and loved and there are much fewer lonely netflix nights. The problem is, at a young age you are already making compromises and growing yourself to intertwine with someone else. The best part about being single in a city as wonderful as Vancouver is that you are given endless opportunities to get to know yourself as just that: yourself. No people attached. And perhaps later in life, this will let you choose somebody who fits with the true you.

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