We've all tried online dating or dating apps at least once, have we not? I know I have, and I also know that dating apps have taught me a lot. Mostly that there are only so many "hey" or "ur sexy" messages anyone can handle before wanting to throw their device in the oven and turn it on high.

Using apps like tinder also keep me on high alert in social situations. I'm not fully sure why (possibly because I'm a neurotic over-analyzer) but I'm always petrified that I am going to see someone who I have recently matched with with during one of my midnight games of hot or not (what I use tinder for) out in real life.

That being said, Vancouver has an interesting social scene because a big portion of it lies in being active and being outdoors. Because of this, the places you might meet someone cool tend to be while engaging in active and interactive activities... and I don't mean dancing to Beyonce with the girls at the Roxy, that won't attract the types of men you need in your life.

If you ask me, dating apps are all fun and games until you super-like someone by accident, so to make it easier here are a list of places where you will probably meet your next BF in Vancouver.

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1. Vancouver Craft Cider Festival // 326 West 5th Ave Vancouver

The type of people you meet at a beer festival are generally people who enjoy a good time. Having lumped myself into that category, I tend to think this would be a great spot to meet someone. You can bond over which moderately sweetened cider will be your next go-to, and get a healthy buzz on while doing it. It's also a great way to create date two on the spot.. "I know a great place to get even better ciders than these, I'll have to show you." Voila! date two is planned and you didn't even have to try.

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2. At The Hive // 520 Industrial Ave

Having grown up in Winnipeg, rock climbing had never really been one of my social go-to's, but I'm realizing in Vancouver it's definitely the place to meet someone! It is an incredibly social workout option and the gyms are always crawling with toned-arm patrons. It's great for all levels, so don't worry if you have never climbed before, you can start at the climbs labelled V0 (my forever climbs) and work your way up! In downtown you can head to The Hive, or for the more remote folks, check out Project Climbing Centre in either Cloverdale or Abbotsford!

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3. At the Parlour in Yaletown // 1011 Hamilton St, Vancouver

The Parlour is always packed in the evenings, and being in Yaletown the patrons are usually dressed to the 9's. It's far less of a pizza parlor and more of a watering hole for some of Vancouver's most attractive guys and gals. If you are the Yaletown-lovin type, this should definitely be one of your spots.

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4. On a Brewery Tour // Various locations

Vancouver Brewery Tours is a great company that provides tours of the coolest breweries in Vancouver. If there's one thing I know it's that where there is beer, there will be boys so what better place to meet them than the spots where beer is born!

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5. On a co-ed sports team // Various locations

If you ask me there is no better way to create genuine connections with people than being on a sports team together! It is always a blast no matter what level you are at, and there is usually a good guy - girl ratio on each team. You can go out for drinks after games which allows you to get to know your team mates better, and there may even be times when both teams go out together after the game (beer league people, beer league) ... upping the amount of new people you meet and thus your chances to meet a cool guy!

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6. Science World After Dark or Adult Evenings // 1455 Quebec St, Vancouver

Maybe you're into that smart, nerdy, science type... I don't know! Plus Science world after dark is a super fun alternative to the bar scene. You are still able to sip a drink, but you can interact with people about cool and interesting topics and possibly even learn a thing or two!

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7. Trivia Night at The Five Point on Main // 3124 Main St, Vancouver,

You have got to show up early for this one, because it gets incredibly busy and tables run out quick! It happens every Wednesday night at 8pm and is an absolute blast. You can eat, drink, socialize and you will definitely meet some new people.... possibly even Mr. Right!

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8. Join a Running Club

Fraser Street Run Club holds weekly co-ed social runs with different length and route options. You can come alone, or bring a friend and everyone is welcome. Vancouver's social scene is largely based around the outdoors and breaking a sweat, so what better way to meet people than combining both of them. Too nervous to chat to that cute guy in the blue Nikes on day one? No problem! Just come back and break a sweat another week when you feel a little more confident! That's the beauty of meeting people at weekly organized activities.

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9. Local // 2210 Cornwall Avenue Vancouver

This place is always packed with people, and is it just me... or is everyone always cute in there!? They have got a ton of beers on tap and great food as well. The best part is the place is absolutely enormous, meaning there are usually tons of people there.

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10. At Guilt & Company for some live music // Alexander St, Vancouver

I love Gastown any day of the week, and to be honest, I don't really discriminate when it comes to which spot to hit for drinks. I tend to enjoy a spot with some live entertainment though which is something Guilt & Company always delivers on. The cocktail list is great (they do an amazing whiskey sour), the vibe is super cool, and sometimes there is dancing which is always cute if you ask me. This is definitely a spot to meet cool people in the city.

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