The dating life in 2016 is fvcked. People are playing games more than ever, they are super close minded when they meet someone, they are benching and ghosting their new partners.

I don't believe in love at first sight, but I do believe in love, period. And I think that some single people can't tell if they are falling for the person they are seeing, since they don't even know which signs to watch for.

I almost used the expression ''soul mate'' in the title, but I changed it since I think that a person can't ideally be suited to another. Love needs a lot of work and commitment, and it's impossible to find someone you'll agree with on everything. You just need to be on the same page most of the time, and continue to grow separately during the relationship.

My friends always ask me questions about the starting point of my relationship, since beginnings seem to be super awkward in 2016. To simplify their life, I made a list of signs to watch after you meet a new person, to know if you found the one:

1. You were a little shy around them the first time you met.

Do you remember when you had trouble looking in your crush's eyes in elementary school? Same feeling.

2. The beginning of your first date was kind of awkward.

But after a drink you were as comfortable as if you were with a friend.

3. The first date was very interesting.

But not magical though. People seem to think that they need to have butterflies during the first date. Relax, the important thing is to have a great time, and to feel like you want to know the person more.

4. You texted each other after the date, or the next day.

You should never follow the ''3 days rule''. If you had a great time, don't play a game and just tell him/her. Don't be afraid to schedule another rendez-vous on the same week.

5. You were super scared before the second date.

What if we said everything on the first date? If you are meant for each other, you'll have plenty to talk about when the first 2 minutes of awkwardness will be over.

6. You met her/his friends after a few dates.

When the fit is right, it's not awkward at all to introduce your new girl/guy to your squad. That just means that there is something real going on between you two, and that you don't have to stress about entertaining her/him during the whole night.

7. The sex was not like in a porn movie.

When you feel something deep for someone, you don't have to act like a porn star to impress her/him. When the connection is there, the passion is.

8. You were exclusive from the start.

And you never really needed the conversation. It's fine to clarify that you are only dating each other, but if you still have the need to look elsewhere, then it's not the right person.

9. You were not afraid to commit to a relationship after 1 or 2 months.

If you are dating someone for 3 months now, and that you still don't know if they are seeing other people, just run. You deserve better.

10. You waited to say I love you.

Yes, you can be in a relationship before saying ''I love you''. A relationship means ''building something with someone you really like spending time with''. Love will come eventually and you'll just know that you want to spend the rest of your life with him/her.

11. You are at the same place in life.

I really think that's the key for a relationship to work. The age doesn't really matter: you just need to want the same thing out of life and to agree on fundamental things.

12. You have a lot in common.

It's not only important to share the same values: you also need to have some things in common. Otherwise, when the passion of the beginnings will end, you'll have nothing to say anymore over dinner.

13. You both make compromises.

Of course, it's impossible to agree on everything. You need to find someone who's willing to make compromises when something is really important for you, and vice versa. Otherwise, you'll fight all the time and become unhappy.

14. You share long term goals.

I think that it's crucial to identity your long term goals at the beginning of the relationship. If you still don't know what you are building after 1 year, your path will probably separate one day.

There is no such a thing as a perfect relationship or person. I think that the most important sigh to watch for is this one: everything comes naturally. If it's super complicated and you still don't know if he/she the one after one or two months, then you have your answer.

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