Do you feel like you're having troubles finding the right guy? You've dated a few people from different places and can't quite place what you're missing.

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Every guy has their own unique qualities. So who can you choose? What can the common denominator be that each "Mr. Right" has?

He's from Vancouver. That's right, and it's only fitting that the perfect guy be from the most beautifully perfect city. Still don't believe me? Here are some reasons why you need a Vancouver boyfriend in your life! 

1. He will take you on all those hikes you want to go on because every Vancouver boy loves to hike.

A day trip up into the mountains? Going to a nice cafe after hiking? These are the things we live for! #explorebc #hikingbc #getactive

2. He will make sure your fashion game is on point.

We love or Yeezy's and Vancouver Fashion Week.

3. Expect to be taken out to eat. Like a lot.

Because what the hell else are you two going to do when it rains?

4. You will never need to worry about getting rained on again because he will always have and/or steal an umbrella for you.

These fellas will raid any host stand and any lost and found just to keep you dry. Or maybe he will just have a spare handy because...raincouver.

5. He's always trying to take you on an adventure out of town, because, why not?! 

Vancouver boys love their spontaneous day trips and weekend getaways because there are so many beautiful places to see in the PNW!

Hint: If you're near Vancouver and unsure where to go, try these 11 Day Trips To Go Near Vancouver With Your Significant Other This Summer 

6. Your man will definitelly know the best happy hour spots wherever he is, because drinks in Vancouver can get pretty expensive.

"$17 for a cocktail? Baby, baby, slow down. Have you tried that new bar up the street? It's great, let me take you there."

7. He is most likely bilingual, so you'll probably pick up another language.

It's like having someone who can teach you a language in an immersion setting any time you want. 

8. Need to flex for the gram? He's your man.

All Vancouver guys are into their aesthetic. Whether they're into architecture, photography, or modeling, they'll definitelly show you how to get your look right.

And if he takes you back to his home town, make sure he takes you on a tour to all the Most Instagrammable Spots In Vancouver.

9. He may not make a lot of his own money just yet, but he definitely makes up for it by laying down more pipe than an apprentice.

If you didn't get the reference, then you may not be dating a true Vancouvervite just yet. #tradesbc

10. Vancouver is FULL of thrifts shops, so he's basically a master at thrifting. 

And if you're out shoppig with him in Vancouver, get him to take you to these 7 Best Thrift Shops In Vancouver To Pop Some Tags

11. Want the best sushi? He probably knows all the best Bucket List Sushi Places, because we love that shit.

"California roll and an avocado roll? Girl please, let me order the sushi for us. Prepare to be blown away babe."

12. This man will always go the distance for you, because he probably lives and/or lived a good distance from Downtown Vancouver.

He's not afraid to take transit for a couple hours to spend the day with you or drive an hour in dead traffic just to pick you up from work. 

13. Your man will be super chill.

We are a 420 friendly crowd over here in Vancity 

14. Need a gym partner? He's there in a second.

Vancouver boys are all about their fitness. #doyouevenliftbro? #fitspo #gainstrain #vanfit 

15. Don't know where the best phở spots in town are? He does.

Vancouver phở is on point. He could probably write a book about what makes the best phở, I'm just sayin'.

16. Finally, he is a go getter.

Because you have to be one seriously audacious guy to try and make it in one of the most expensive places to live.

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