You don’t need a Persian BF in your life. Nope. Definitely not. You don’t need a devoted partner who will love you as much as his mother loved him (which by the way, is a lot). You don’t need a guy who values what it means to dress well and be presentable (especially when meeting your family). You absolutely don’t want a guy who will treat you to the greatest luxuries your city has to offer (cars, concerts, fine dining.) Honestly, I mean who even wants tall, dark, and handsome?

Wake up, people!! Where do you think these stereotypes come from?? Persian men are the real-life Aladdin babe you’ve been looking for and you can’t deny it.

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Most guys you've dated have called you high maintenance for enjoying your Sephora products or taking an hour to get ready. Find a guy who will embrace that side of you and encourage you to take all the time you want and need to get dressed because they too are taking the same amount of time meticulously gelling back their thick black locks.

Let's face it. You haven't had much luck in the dating department so far so why not branch out and give Mohammad a chance? A Persian BF is the best accessory to your life and here's why.

Because you hate expensive jewelry.

You'd so much rather rock that Claire's ring that's turning your finger green.

Because you don't like it when your BF treats you like the princess that you are.

Why shouldn't it take you 3 hours to get ready?

Because it's not hot seeing your man stand up for you.

Your honour has never been protected more.

Because who needs incredibly juicy kebabs made to order?

You're joking if you think your overcooked chicken is better.

via @soheilmahmoudi

Because you've NEVER imagined dating Aladdin.


Because you don't like spending time with family.

Cousins will become like siblings to you and everyone will swoon over you.

Because nicknames are lame.

Right, babe? Yes, jigar.

Because you hate riding in expensive cars.

No, no, please, keep driving your Nissan, I hear it's good on gas.

Because you can't stand a guy who has great fashion sense.

You think plaid is an acceptable dress shirt?

Because you just love paying for your own dinners.

He'll never let you pay. It's a respect thing.

Because you're just not that into gold.

F*ck your coppering jewelry!

Because you don't already dress in all black.

As if.

Because hospitality is not important to you at all.

Every day with his family feels like you're at a hotel.

Because you don't love a good party.

Where you'll be eating fresh exotic fruit, soft cheeses, and, like, 40 kinds of rice.

Because you are so not someone who likes to dance.

Forget Usher, until you move like Haji Firooz you haven't lived.

via @alizadoori

Because you'd rather wear knock-off than designer.

Gucci > Pucci.

Because one language is enough for you.

By the first month, you'll already know the basics of Farsi. Salam.

Because you don't ever want to get married.

Forget the games, after meeting mommy dearest, this boy wants to lock you down.

Because you're not interested in someone who loves their family.

Remember, you'll be family.

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