To quote Brad Williams of Happy Endings, "Let me be your guy guide...your guuuuuide."

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Dating someone new is super exciting and when it's fresh you want to impress the other person with cool and unique date ideas. Sure we can get dinner at Campagnolo but you know what would be way more fun? Anything else.

Vancouver is filled with unusual date ideas but sometimes it can be really hard to think on the spot. This list combines the simplest of ideas with places you didn't even know existed to be your reference point for Tinder dates to come!

Head to any Vancouver brewery with a chess board.

Any boardgame will do and there are so many breweries to chose from.

Discover the hidden slide at The Hive.

Paint each other dishware at Bella Ceramica.

Sweeten up your evening with the late night dessert only restaurant, Sweet Revenge.

Try a cooking class at the Dirty Apron.

Balance on a paddle board at Kits beach.

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Watch the sunset and Science World light up at Beer Island.

Try your best 'Batman' at Origins Parkour.

*Raspy voice not required*

Ferry to Bowen Island for a day trip.

Walk hand in hand through Nitobe Memorial Garden.

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Test your fear of heights and stand on the Eye of the Wind's glass floor.

Enjoy the best view(s) with dinner at the Revolving Restaurant.

Experience a different dining experience at Shabusen Korean Grill.

Get nudie together at Wreck Beach.

Go royal with High Tea at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver.

Try to understand art together at the VAG.

Bird watch at the George C. Reifel Migration Sanctuary.

via @vancouverpoetryhouse

Immerse yourself in a poetry slam at the Vancouver Poetry House.

via @sandymangat

Get drunk on science at Science World After Dark.

No rug rats and beer.

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