Sometimes the safest option for a date is dinner and a movie. But playing it safe is honestly also kind of boring.

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And you've probably had a little too much Netflix and chill this winter season with the frightful Vancouver weather that's fallen upon us.

As much as it can be tempting to just snuggle up and laze about on the couch with your girl/boyfriend over a box of sushi takeout, try something new for a change to spice up your dating life.

Just because it's a little chilly outside doesn't mean you can't still go out for a super fun date with your bae. So here are a list of 18 date ideas to mix it up a little. Have fun, Vancouver!

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1. Go ice skating at Robson Square.

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2. Hide away with bae at one of these secret hidden underground bars in Vancouver.

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3. Have a double date sleepover at a penthouse suite in the city.

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4. Go for some billiards, bowling and beer at Commodore Lanes Bowling & Billiards.

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5. Unleash your competitive side with a board games night at Storm Crow Tavern.

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6. Go for a Jenga waffles and milkshakes night at Off The Grid Waffles.

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7. Feeling adventurous? Why not a sea plane tour?

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8. Try go-karting at SPEEDERS.

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9. Pretend you're in a tropical forest at Bloedel Floral Conservatory.

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10. Catch a breathtaking Vancouver sunset.

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11. Take a romantic stroll through Lafarge Lake while their light display is still up.

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12. Go on a snowshoe trail at Cypress.

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13. Ride the gondola up Grouse Mountain and spend the day above the clouds.

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14. Snuggle up with a hot cup and go coffee shop hopping.

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15. Have a little selfie photo shoot at The Selfie Room.

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16. Relax at a hookah lounge like The Persian Teahouse.

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17. Take a leap of faith with tandem bungee jumps in Whistler.

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18. Drag your S/O along with you to indulge in Vancouver's Hot Chocolate Festival this month.

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19. Unleash your inner child and jump around at this indoor trampoline park.

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