First dates can be nerve-wracking. I understand better than anyone needing that hit of liquid courage to combine the charming flirtation you need to seal the deal. But now you've been dating for awhile and you've been to every decent restaurant and bar there is in the city. Your wallet has taken a critical hit and don't even get me started on your waistline. 

Listen, it's okay to decide to ditch the beer and switch to virgin margs for awhile. Just because you're not getting blitzed doesn't mean you can't have a fun night out with bae. It's probably a good idea to see if you two have anything in common other than slamming back jager bombs anyway...

Coming up with fun date night ideas isn't as easy as it seems. For some reason when you think about date nights that don't include getting a cute cocktail with a sugar rim you freeze up. Don't panic! I almost guarantee that your BF or GF will love that you came up with something more unique that doesn't involve waking up with a sore head and dry mouth. 

 I don't want you to stress out. So I've compiled a list of 32 fun date night ideas. Go ahead, write them down, cut them up and put them in a bowl. Pick one out each week and rediscover the joys of dating without the distraction of a boozy cocktail. 

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32. Get your nerd-on at a Board Game Cafe.  

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31. Place your bets at the local Casino. Loser has to pay for dinner! 

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30. Get domestic and try a cooking class! 

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29. Unveil your inner Van Gogh at a blank canvas night! 

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28. Show him who the Tiger Woods is and take a swing at the pitch and putt. 

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27. Turn off the lights and get cosmic with bowling in the dark! 

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26. Grab a blanket and cozy up with a flick under the stars. 

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25. Pretend you're judges on Chopped at a Food Truck Festival. 

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24. Get your Dr. Doolittle on at the Petting Zoo. 

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23. Get your heart rate going and brave your fear of heights Ziplining. 

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22. Get wet and wild at the water park! 

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21. Get your war paint on and battle it out on the Paint Ball turf. 

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20. Saddle up and pretend you're in the wild, wild, west by horseback riding. 

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19. Throw around the ol' bee on the disc golf course. 

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18. Bike around town and set up shop at a local park for a picnic. 

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17. Check out local art for free on a city-wide mural crawl. 

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16. Sit among the mallards and feed the ducks! 

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15. Get away from the hectic city life and treat yourselves to a spa day.

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14. Release your inner lumberjack and hurl some axes.  

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13. Get local (and organic) at the farmer's market. 

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12. Find some threads at the thrift shop then wear them out dancing! 

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11. Do some good together and donate blood. Free juice and cookies after to celebrate!  

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10. Create some romance at a candle making workshop. Light them up that night at home. Wink. 

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9. Let out your inner child and play in the park! Chicken fights on the monkey bars is a must. 

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8. Footloose! Take a dance class together. Try a different style each week! 

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7. Get out on the open waters and sail! He can be the captain but we all know who's in charge. 

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6. Pick out a book for each other at the used book store. 

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5. Get fit together! Like Elle Woods would say, "exercise gives your endorphins. Endorphins make you happy!" 

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4. Get sporty! Change it up and try a different sport every week! Then repeat! 

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3. Go to the local pool for hot tubbing, sauna sessions, and diving boards! 

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2. Explore higher ground and take the road less traveled on your next hike. 

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1. Long walks on the beach are a cliché for a reason... 

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