Every relationship goes through two stages: the honey moon phase and the I-don't-care-if-I-fart-in-your-face "comfortable" stage.

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And when you finally get to that comfortable stage, it's always a good idea to mix things up a little from your usual Netflix and chill Friday nights. Why not try something super fun, adrenaline rushing and unforgettable with your sweetie to keep your relationship exciting?!

In Vancouver, there are many extreme things you can do for date night to keep falling in love over and over again with your bae. Here are 8 of those date night ideas that you'll never forget.

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1. Drag race with your S/O in a Lamborghini.

North Shore Exotics, Pitt Meadows

Ever dreamed of racing in your very own Lambo or GT-R? North Shore Exotics is offering just that! Okay, so they're not exactly giving you the car, but they will you give a chance to speed race in a V10 Lambgorhini Gallardo or Nissan GT-R, or both! Put your pedal to the medal at their half mile race track in a sick ride that you and your S/O won't forget.

Cost: $220 - $620

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2. Take your relationship to new heights with skydiving.

Skydive Vancouver, Abbotsford

You've probably had this one on your bucket list of "Things To Do With Bae" for 5eva, so what are you waiting for? Hang on tight to your bae as you experience human flight at 200 kph in the sky with Skydive Vancouver's tandem skydiving. They'll have you free falling in love.

Cost: $239/person

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3. Take a leap of faith at the Whistler Bungee Jump.

Whistler Bungee, Whistler

And if you're not quite ready to do a full on free fall, try tandem bungee jumping at Whistler Bungee. Open all year round, Whistler Bungee will have your adrenaline rushing at 160 ft above ground surrounded by the breathtaking mountains of Black Tusk and the rushing Cheakamus River.

Cost: $130/person

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4. Try something new with flyboarding.

BC Flyboard, Vancouver

You can now not only walk on water, by fly on water with BC Flyboard! This crazy and super fun water sport combines jet-skiing, skiing, snowboarding, and acrobatic diving.

Cost: $150 - $500

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5. Unleash your inner Tarzan at Whistler Tree Top Adventure Course.

The Adventure Group, Whistler

The Whistler Tree Top Adventure Course is literally your childhood dream tree house on steriods. This elevated obstacle course within the Whistler forests is complete with ziplines, balance beams, monkey bars, rope swings, you name it. So you can literally swing from tree to tree.

Open only during summer months.

Cost: $49-59/person

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6. Zipline at Grouse Mountain.

Grouse Mountain, North Vancouver

Whislter too far? Zipline in your own Vancouver backyard at 80 kph suspended in the air at Grouse Mountain, with a gorgeous panoramic view of Vancouver among BC's oldest forests.

Open May to October

Cost: $70-109/person

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7. Face your fears at the Capilano Suspension Bridge.

Capilano Suspension Bridge Park, North Vancouver 

Be suspended on a bridge 50 meters above the raging waters of Lynn Canyon. Face your fears with every step you take, all with your favourite person in the whole world.

Cost: $39.95/person

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8. Extreme ATV-ing through the mountains.

Whistler ATV Tours, Whistler

Beautiful sights and awesome adventures are reserved for you and your significant other. ATV through rugged terrain, serene mountains and the stunning Whistler landscapes!

Cost: $119-180/person

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