Vancouver doesn't have the best nightlife scene, compared to places like Montreal or Toronto. We have more of a "DIY" approach to partying, meaning we know how to make a party out of any situation.

Vancouver party girls are experienced, generous, patient and always down for a good time. So wether she is buying you and your friends a round of shots or holding her Bff's hair back in the bathroom, you know she is going to walk out of the club at the end of the night looking just as fabulous as she did when she walked in.

They are also beautiful AF, so I suggest you wife one up ASAP, before someone else does. 

1. They are probably over it

By the time the party girl is ready to settle down, you know she is done with her old bar star ways. By now she would prefer a glass of wine with dinner than tequila body shots on a Tuesday night at Celebrities.

2. They are very committed

Party girls are the ultimate bar regulars. Like clockwork, they will show up at their favorite bar or club every weekend ready to have a good night. This is a serious sign of commitment, and shows that they will stick it out and be there for you even on the rough nights when no one else will.

3. They like to look good

They appreciate what it means to take care of themselves and look nice, so you can alway guarantee that she'll come home looking fabulous day everyday. You can also guarantee she'll make sure you look just as good.

4. They'll take care of you

Party girls are usually experienced drinkers and don't often need someone to hold their hair back. Although, they have spent many evenings taking care of their drunk friends, so you can be sure she will do the same for you and your future child.

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5. They are patient

Chances are she has had to stand in line at Caprice more than a handful of times on a Friday night, so she will have no issue being patient with you. If she really likes you, she will have no problem waiting for you to make the next move in your relationship.

6. They are really good with their money

It's expensive AF out here, and things like nice shoes, dresses, make-up and drinks at the club really add up. Vancouver party girls know they have to be wise with cash to be able to live their lifestyle. Being good with money is important to her so you know she'll take care of all the finances.

7. They can easily spot fake people

These girls have spent years "networking" and meeting people... all kinds of people. This allows them to develop a skill of being able to read people easily, which means they can see right through a hater's BS. This will be good for you, because it means she has shed all the negative people from her life, and all of your friends will be really great and probably successful people.

8. She will plan the best wedding

As a seasoned party girl, she has seen her fair share of amazing parties, so you can guarantee your wedding will be the best party you've ever been to. And chances are she knows all the right people to make it happen, so you won't have to lift a finger.

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