A recent study across Canada showed that Vancouverites are the most eager Canadians when it comes to sex. This does not surprise me by any means. We are by nature a very adventurous community, and the idea of getting a little frisky in the library between study breaks or in a deserted parking lot is a thrill of its own.

If you’re a sexual adventurist, chances are you’ve probably already hooked up in one or more of these places.  But if you are a part of the population that is unsatisfied with their sex life, I suggest you stray from your normal Monday night missionary position ritual and try one of these spots... or maybe even find your own.

1. Wreck Beach

Sunset is the best time to be at Wreck Beach, and also the best time to get a little frisky. A favorite spot of UBC students, since the beach is a short hike away from the residence buildings.

2. Washrooms in Frederic Lasserre Building at UBC

The washroom on the main floor of this building on campus is a well-known hook up spot for young gay UBC students and has been for years. Winter afternoons are the best time to visit if you're looking for a quickie... but watch out for campus security.

3. The Aquatic Center

Another common UBC hook-up spot. The pool has often be referred to as the “Womb”, and it is rumoured that many of the facilities in the building have been used for sex- most commonly the sauna. Remember the movie Swim Fan? Where Ericka Chirstensen and Jesse Bradford have sex in the pool? Well, now, you can fulfill your swim fan fantasy. Minus the whole crazy b*tch part.

4. Parking Lot on Kingsway between Guys and Dolls Billiards and Our Town Cafe

Once all the businesses close for the day, it gets pretty quiet after 11pm, making this a common place to bring your date for a quick little romp in the parking lot. Only problem is there are apartments above you, so it's possible you may have an audience.

5. Burnaby Mountain look out

If you want a great view to get you in the mood, Burnaby Mountain is the spot. Its also a very common hook-up spot for high school kids who don’t have privacy at home, so don’t expect to be the only people up there. 

6. SFU student parking lot

Another favorite spot for students to some action. This place can be pretty deserted at night, making it a great spot to steam up the windows of your car.

7. Club Eden

Yes, this is a swinger's club. Located in New Westminster, it is an invite only club catering to open-minded, secure couples and single ladies looking to meet with other like-minded people. Its club atmosphere encourages its members to dress as sexy as they want and to explore their sexual fantasies.

8. Stanley Park

This seems to be the favorite spot of locals, especially in the summer when you can lay a blanket down, crack open a bottle of wine and enjoy a romantic romp in the wilderness. There aren't many people in the park at night, and since it's so dark, you aren't likely to get caught either.

9. UBC Asian Library

Or really any of the ten UBC libraries - but I hear the Asian library is the best one. Maybe it's because of its beautifully green scenery, or its secluded location and the concrete walkway behind the building - which apparently make this a great spot to take a quick break to relieve the stress of cramming for exams.

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