I think we can all agree that Canada is a pretty epic place. We have a great PM, super forward values, and we were just voted the number 1 travel destination in the world. People are proud to call themselves Canadian because of all the great things our country stands for.

It's no surprise that Canadian businesses love to slap those classic Made in Canada stickers all over their products. Local businesses are plentiful and 2017 is full of opportunity for up and coming startups to succeed. After all, Canada already has so many success stories under its belt. Lululemon, MEC, Aritzia, BioWare, Arc'teryx and many more great companies all come from Canadian roots.

To help inspire you and your business goals, we've made a list of some of Canada's must follow web bosses who've mastered their digital presence.


1. Vickie Laliotis // Full-time fashion blogger

After finishing her degree in journalism, Vickie decided she wanted to be her own boss. Vickie's job as a full-time blogger is definitely outside the box, but it gives her the freedom to try new things and share her love of fashion with all of Canada. Check out Vickie's website adventuresinfashion.ca or follow her Instagram for all her latest beauty tips and product reviews.


2. Caley Dimmock // Owner of Dimik.ca

Caley's fashion line embraces the shop local movement. DIMIK is a Vancouver based, made in Canada company that makes every effort to give back to its local community. When she's not working on her clothing line, Caley also has an impressive personal Instagram and blog which she uses to share her life-saving hacks with the community.

via @donnirae

3. Donni Rae Edmondson // Founder of Privilege Clothing

This internet savvy babe has literally done it all. Founder of privilegeclothing.ca, Donni Rae has also co-founded two other companies whose websites now ship all over North America! Staying true to her roots, Donni Rae chose a Canadian domain name so her customers would instantly recognize Privilege as a proud Canadian brand. Follow Donni Rae's personal Instagram for a behind the scenes look at the life of a web boss.

via @ariasdavid

4. David Arias // Graphic Designer

From idea creation and brand consultation to design and marketing, David Arias is a think tank for all things creative. David works closely with brands in British Columbia to design captivating products sparking the interest of all. In his spare time, David enjoys hiking and enjoying all the beauty Canada has to offer. His flawless website arias.ca and Instagram account provide some great inspiration for budding designers or bloggers.

via @imalyssalau

5. Alyssa Lau // Founder of New Classics

Creator of the e-commerce store newclassics.ca, Alyssa has worked hard to help kick start the "slow fashion" movement, which encourages consumers to buy fewer, better quality goods as opposed to fast fashion. Alyssa is a nature loving Canadian who hopes to protect our environment by encouraging others to reduce waste. Follow Alyssa's personal account, or check out her business Instagram.


6. Kimberly Der // Founder of Kimder.ca

Kimberly's business creates and sells quality handbags. Selling primarily from her online store kimder.ca, her website design was crucial for Kimberly's success. Throughout her site, Kimberly has found clever ways to show consumers her products are made in Canada. One way she does this is by using a .CA domain name for her site so customers can immediately recognize her bags as Canadian.  Follow Kimder's account or Kimberly's personal account to see the magic unfold.


7. Andrew Westlund // CEO of Sky Helicopters

CEO of Sky Helicopters by day, and CEO of 4 other companies also by day, Andrew is a great Canadian success story. Andrew and Sky Helicopters work with other digital influencers to build brand awareness online. They revel in showing off the beauty of BC from a completely new perspective- the sky. Make sure to give Andrew a follow on his Instagram page!

What do all these rad business owners have in common? They all use .CA domain names to showcase their Canadian roots. Not only does this provide a secure domain for its users, it also strengthens Canada's internet community and attracts more local customers. After all, Canadians love to #buylocal.

If you're ready to launch your startup's website, choose to represent Canada with a .CA domain name, it's the best choice for your business and for Canada.


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