Running is a great way to workout, sweat, clear your mind, and blow off steam. Many of us know the indescribable feeling of a runner's high.

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Stanley Park and Ambleside can be nice but it tends to be super crowded. These routes are more quiet and peaceful so you can run uninterrupted.

Although these routes may not be the hardest, they may be the most scenic. So if you struggle to find motivation to go for a run, these views might help you chase that runners high. Here are 7 off the beaten path running trails in Vancouver:

Brothers Creek Loop // North Shore

Trail runners this route is for you. When you run this 7km rugged trail you'll enjoy passing waterfalls, pedestrian bridges, and lofty trees.

Jericho to Spanish Banks // Point Grey

Less populated than its neighbour Kits Beach, Spanish Bank is a more quiet and unpopulated beach where you can run alongside the ocean. There is a nice 5 km running path from Jericho to Spanish Banks.

Pacific Spirit Park // UBC

The perfect place to run if you want to go deep into the woods. Pacific Spirit Park has over 35 km of mixed-use trails for you to explore. The trails are usually very quiet and uncrowded.

Steveston Dyke // Richmond

The Steveston Dyke trail is a 6 km scenic flat trail that starts at Garry Point Park. You'll pass by the water and see views of airplanes flying above if you're lucky.

Serpentine Fen // Surrey

Encounter wildlife as you run in this peaceful nature reserve in Surrey. The Serpentine Fen can be home to more than 100 different bird species depending on the time of year. The loop is only 3.5 km so it is suited for beginners.

Burnaby Lake // Burnaby

Burnaby Lake provides a quick and easy escape from the city. There isn't a large map of trails, instead there is one 10 km path that loops around the lake. The trail is wide and flat, so it's perfect for beginner trail runners.

Iona Beach Jetty // Richmond

The jetty on picturesque Iona Beach extends 5 km one way. It's a very wide, flat trail, and although it is not the most challenging, you'll be greeted by the Pacific Ocean at the end of your run.

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