Vancouver is home to many celebrities who grew up here and often return every now and then. We also provide a fantastic landscape for movies and TV shows, with some big ones filming here this summer.

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If you're a stalker like the rest of us and want to see some of your fave celebrities in your hometown, then take a look at who you are guaranteed to find in the city this summer!

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1. Ryan Reynolds (and maybe Blake Lively)

Reynolds will be returning to his hometown to film Deadpool 2 this summer, likely until October. Perhaps he will also bring his beautiful wife, who most of us know as Serena Vanderwoodsen, to the 604!

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2. Anna Faris 

Best known for her role in the Scary Movies films and The House Bunny, as well as the fact that she is married to hunk Chris Pratt, Faris is coming to Van to film Overboard! The movie will continue filming until July 14th.

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3. Eva Longoria

You've probably seen her as Gabrielle on Desperate Housewives or her newer series Telenovela, but the hottie is coming to Vancouver to join Faris in filming Overboard as well.

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4. Jesse Metcalfe

STOP EVERYTHING. JESSE METCALFE AKA THE BIGGEST HEARTTHROB IS COMING TO VANCOUVER. Best known for his role as John Rowland on Desperate Housewives or his lead role in John Tucker Must Die, he will be filming Chesapeake Shores

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5. Olivia Munn

Munn will be in town to film Predator, which begins filming in late June. Rumour has it that 50 Cent will also be appearing in the film so keep an eye out! 

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6. Jacob Tremblay

Best known for his incredible role in Room with Brie Larson, local Vancouver actor Tremblay will join Munn in filming the The Predator.

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7. The Cast of Riverdale

One of the most attractive casts in one of the most amazing shows will begin filming the second season this June in Vancouver. (Hint: Check out Rocko's Diner in Langley which is used as Pop's Diner in the show)! 

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8. Steve Carell

Literally one of the best actors to exist, he stars in everything from The Office to 40 Year Old Virgin and Crazy Stupid Love. He comes to Vancouver in August to film alongside Leslie Mann and Janelle Monae! 

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9. Christina Ricci

Best known for her role in Monster with Charlize Theron, Ricci will be in Vancouver throughout the summer filming Distorted alongside John Cusack. 

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10. Vince Vaughn 

Always the comedian in The Break-Up, The Internship, and the list goes on - Vaughn comes to Vancouver to film a crime thriller in July! 

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11. Mel Gibson

Best known for Braveheart and Signs, Gibson will be starring alongside Vaughn in the filming of Dragged across Concrete in Vancouver.

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