One of the major burdens of being a student is not the amount of work from university, but how broke we are all-year long. Even for the courageous ones who manage to balance a part-time job and a university degree, living in Vancouver costs a lot.

During  Summer, we all want to enjoy the beautiful weather and spend time with our friends.  Save yourself some spending money when and read this list of 10 tips to cut your spendings in half:

1. Thrift stores have great deals to create your summer wardrobe

Feel the need to get a fresh wardrobe and don't have much in your budget to spend on new clothes? Vancouver has numerous thrift stores such as Wildlife Thrift Store. Based on the idea of "recycling and giving back." Find cheap clothes and donate your unwanted clothes. Everyone wins!

Or try a clothing swap! Invite your friends over to your place and organize your own runaway show! Laughs are guaranteed and you'll get your Summer wardrobe!

2. Attend Summer free yoga sessions // Wreck Beach Yoga Series

Enjoy the sunset on the Pacific every Thursday from 6:30 to 7:45pm. Take time for yourself and have some relaxing time by the ocean. The warm caress of the sunlight on your skin and the breeze on your hair will give you the most exquisite yoga experience. Time to get a tan!

3. Share a car with your friends // Evo Car Share 

This will benefit those who aren't into biking and can't stand public transportation. After clubbing, this option is way cheaper than taking a cab. Very flexible in term of rates, use your smartphone to localize an Evo car and drive around the city by car. Stop being dependent on public transportation and spend more time with your friends!

4. Develop your creativity with the tips of Queen Of Green

Promoting a green-lifestyle, Queen of Green shares do-yourself-tips to reduce environmental footprint and benefit your daily life. Also, you'll contribute to the protection of the environment. Learn how to make your own cleaning products & cheap and healthy meals!

5. Pay attention to special events // @Binimi

Bimini is a popular bar in Kitsilano: this casual american-style bar is THE spot for UBC students to drink and party.  They always organize cool events with good deals on drinks and food.  This Thursday, get free entrance at the Pool Party and get a beer and one pizza for $15. Celebrate the beginning of summer and enjoy a cheap and cheerful time with your friends.

6. Work in a café to take back home leftovers // @TakeFiveCafé

Those kind of jobs tend to be highly criticized because of the low income, however a lot of benefits come with it. Due to Food Safety Regulation, pastries & sandwiches cannot be served the day after (although they are still edible). In the end, you get paid and free food !

Located downtown in the Pacific Center, Take Five Café has a large choice of foods and yummy smoothies! Once, I went there to order a mango-banana smoothie (my all-time favourite), and had a conversation with the owner: he's really professional and understands the high living cost of Vancouver. Great place to work!

7. Grow your own fruits & veggies in City Farmer

Created in 1978, this community garden aims at providing a piece of land for anyone who wants to grow fruits and vegetables. If you want to decrease your grocery bill, join City Farmer and eat the products of your labor. It's also another way to meet people and learn about yummy recipes.

8. Think twice before buying meat

Meat is a major ingredient of most of traditional recipes. Unfortunately, it's also part of the dark industry that plays with food culture to make us buy more. By buying less (or no) meat, you're not only reducing your grocery bill, but you also stop contributing to this industry. Vancouver is such a vegan-friendly city, this change in your diet will benefit your wallet, the environment and your health.

9. Rent your house on Airbnb

Thinking of moving in with your boyfriend? How about renting your place for a couple of weeks and actually live together ? Plus, you'll earn money by spending more time with him, isn't it amazing?

10. Take advantage of the Free Entrance on Tuesdays' night at the Vancouver Art Gallery and the Space Centre

Get inspired by the Art Gallery of Vancouver - the current exhibition named "MashUp: the Birth of Modern Culture" is eclectic and thrilling. I definitely recommend it.

If you're more into Science, bring your boyfriend to end your visit of the Space Centre by admiring the stars in the sky...

 11. Get involved in a charity // Vancouvercharity

If you find yourself without summer internships and still want to get valuable experience, get involved in one of Vancouver's Charity. More time helping those in need is less time spending money and you'll be inspired by people who overcame difficult situations. Get involved in your community and have a positive impact on people's life!

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