Vancouver has a lot of little downtown neighbourhoods, each unique in their own way. The West End is a 20-something's oasis. You live within steps of the beach, the Granville strip is at your fingertips, and you are surrounded by young, like-minded people.

Not to mention you can always just stumble home after a long night out, no more expensive cab rides or night busses back to mom's house! Let's be honest, though, it's not all rainbows and butterflies in The West End. It has its issues, and if you've ever lived there, you have experienced a few of these struggles.

1. Living close to Robson street is bound to make you go broke

Robson Street is the shopping mecca of downtown. New stores are constantly opening, and it's too easy to just walk over to Robson and check out the sales!

2. You'll never cook a meal

Because you are surrounded by hundreds of great restaurants. You better get another job, because you are going to be eating out a lot. The West End is literally surround by any kind of food you would ever want.

3. There is no sense of community

So many people live in one area. In smaller neighbourhoods like Gastown, we all shop at the same convenience stores, and go to the same restaurants. The West End is all high rise apartments on every block, and saying hello to your neighbours is bound to get you a dirty look or two.

4. You have to walk or cab everywhere

Transit is pretty much non-existent in the West End. Unless you live on Robson, Davie or Denman St., you're not getting anywhere on a bus. And to be honest the traffic is always horrible, so you may as well just walk. You'll probably get there faster anyway.

5. You can't own a car because there is zero parking

You may as well sell your car, you're probably going to need the money for rent anyway.

6. Everything is more expensive because you are downtown

This is just a fact of downtown living no matter where you are. Not only is you rent crazy high, but you pay more for everything than you would anywhere outside of downtown. But it's so convenient!

7. You are dangerously close to Granville street

This can be good or bad depending on who you are. In your early 20s, you'll have the time of your life being a stone's throw from all the popular Granville strip bars and clubs. If you're in your late 20s, you'll be taking the long way home so you can go around Granville Street on a weekend. You don't want any part of that debauchery.

8. Everything downtown is only a $10 cab ride away

You'll never be in your house that you pay too much rent for because you'll be out partying so much.

9. Chances are you share a one bedroom apartment with your bestie

...and one of you sleeps in the living room. Many of us can admit we did this at one point or another. The good news is, you're saving money on rent. The bad news is, you still need a second job because you like to party, eat out daily, and you love shopping.

10. You'll never experience any other neighbourhood

You never need to leave downtown. "Kitsalano?" "Thats where the beach is, right?" Why would you really need to leave, anyway? Everything you need is downtown.

11. Going anywhere outside of downtown feels like a day trip

Make sure you pack a lunch, because its going to be a long commute. Transit can be pretty brutal out here, so if you're going anywhere past Broadway, you might get hungry.

12. Taking a cab home makes you feel lazy

Fvck It. I'm just going home to Netflix and Chill anyway.

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