Usually you tell someone your major and they've already made a full judgement of who you are and why you're majoring in what you chose. 

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Within each faculty, there's many majors to choose from - whether it's business cause you want to be the next Steve Jobs or forestry cause you want to be the next...(Who's a famous forester? Is that what they are called???) 

So let's be brutally honest (disclaimer: try not to get offended, we love you all and WE ARE ALL UBC). 

1. Commerce

You will immediately know when someone goes to Sauder by their choice of attire always being a suit and a briefcase in hand. They pretty much think they are better than the entire rest of the school population just cause. They are incredibly outgoing (sometimes too much) and you will always find them beefing up their LinkedIn or making business cards.

2. Gender Studies

Don't disagree with them, because trust me they will give you their opinion. But low key Gender studies has some pretty bad ass ladies killing the game. 

3. Sociology 

Let's be honest most of UBC majors in Sociology. The frat guys, the sorority girls and pretty much anyone who just doesn't really know wtf they are gonna do with their lives. Oh but everyone thinks its cause you want to make a difference in society so that's pretty cool right?

4. Philosophy

You like to think you're an Aristotle in the making, but you're really just trying to figure out what the major key is (cue the DJ Khaled). 

5. Kin

Guaranteed avid Lululemon shoppers and the people to make you feel so inadequate in terms of fitness. Wait, you didn't sign up for the marathon this year? What's wrong with you?! 

6. Sciences

Likely will find them in the Chemistry building studying (like actually studying not studying at Irving studying). Probably some of the hardest workers on campus who will easily be future doctors 

7. Poli Sci

They think they know everything and it's probably best NEVER to get into a debate with them, especially about politics. Keep your opinions to yourself because you will never hear the end of it with these kids.

8. Engineering

All they ever talk about is how much studying they do, but let's be real they do party just as hard as they study (probably more than most other faculties). Low key probably going to be more successful than the rest of us.

9. Film Studies

Chances are you don't know any of the movies they talk about and as cool as film studies sounds, you probably have zero interest in watching Rebel Without A Cause (bonus points if you know the movie)!!!!!

10. Forestry 

Although it sounds like they take courses to learn how to cut wood, they actually have one of the most diverse programs on campus. Tbh not quite sure what they would do after undergrad but mad props for studying forests guys.

11. English Lit 

You can't be friends with an English lit major unless you've heard of Chaucer (sorry not sorry but you're not impressing anyone if you've read 1984). But real talk they probably spark note most of the books so don't worry.

12. Psychology 

Psych majors likely think that their friends have everything wrong with them and constantly psycho-analyze EVERYONE (you guys should look at yourself cause you know what they say about psychologists...hint: they are crazy themselves)

13. Math

Most likely didn't get into Sciences or Sauder, so they "chose" math...cause business didn't add up ;) 

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