Nails done, hair done, everything did. Oh you fancy, huh? Girl, yes you are.

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And there are so many amazing nail salons in Vancouver that will do that for you. But allow us to narrow down the list to some absolutely outstanding ladies in Vancouver that you can 100% trust to give you the perfect nails.

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Bee Lalli // @classyclaws

via @hausoflacquer

Steph Berry // @hausoflacquer

via @littlemythy

Little Myth // @littlemythy

via @oshimabeauty

Jasmine Oshima // @oshimabeauty

via @minokonailstudio

Vivienne Huang // @minokonailstudio

via @glamnailstudio

Keiko Matsui // @glamnailstudio

via @nailartistkay

Kay // @nailartistkay

via @cheratique

Cheera Kim // @cheratique

via @glamstarbeauty

Amy Nguyen // @glamstarbeauty

via @winnieisawesome

Winnie Huang // @winnieisawesome

via @blingnailstudio

Jacky // @blingnailstudio

Claire Mandell // @joyridevancouver

via @prepbeautyparlour

Vanessa // @prepbeautyparlour

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