You know what they say, "don't cheat on your hairstylist!" Same goes for barbers. Your haircut probably only takes about 20 minutes, but you spend at least two hours just sitting in his seat and kickin' with him.

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Your barber is your best friend and your confidant, the one who knows every hair on your head and every insignificant detail of the girl you went out with last night.

If this does not sound like your barber, maybe you haven't found the right one yet. And so if you haven't, you might as well start off on the right foot. In no particular order, here are 14 of Vancouver's finest barbers:

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1. Kurt M. // @svdd3nlii

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2. Nick Hickling // @skullsandbirdsbarber

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3. Thom Robins // @thomrobinshair

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4. Rocco Bates // @theoutlawbarber

via @fortknight

5. Craig Jensen // @the_barber_craig

via @harveyharvey

6. Harvey Merritt // @harveyharvey

via @coolerthanelvis

7. Cameron Sterling // @coolerthanelvis

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8. Josh Malcolm // @@streetthugjosh

via @real_barber_graham

9. Graham // @real_barber_graham

via @regalbarbers

10. Amar Al-Khlil // @amar_salman

via @farzadthehappybarber

11. Farzad Salehi // @farzadthehappybarber

via @weldypeldy

12. Weldon Hogue // @weldypeldy

via @jdsbarbershop

13. Rex Lavado // @jdsbarbershop

14. Sahba // @persian_barber

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