It's true. Vancouver is making you broke. But we've got some real heroes out here who are really trying to help you save a dollar here and there.

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You might not think that $5 can get you much in the city, but if you really dig and ask around (as we have here), you might just be able to save a few bucks and afford that one bedroom apartment you've been dreaming of. Okay, jk you'll probably never be able to afford it but you know what I mean.

A little can go a long way. In the words of one wise man, "50 cent here, 50 cent there, you have one dollah! Then you go to dollah store and buy something else!" So if you have $5, here's what you can get!

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1. A pound of clothes from The Rag Machine // 2425 Main St.

Thrift once at The Rag Machine and you'll never thrift the same again. Right at the back alley behind F As In Frank, The Rag Machines is selling vintage and second hand clothes by the pound, and at only $4.97 per pound!

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2. A Triple Layer Screamer at Screamers Soft Serve // 12211 Third Ave.

Three layers of slushy, ice-creamy goodness for $4.91.

Note: Or you can opt for a Froster a select Mac's locations.

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3. 1 Litre of bubble tea from Ninja Bubble Tea // 2972 Glen Dr.

Bubble tea about the size of your head: $5.

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4. Entry into Guilt & Co. for a live show // 1 Alexander St.

Well technically entry is by donation, but $5 is a standard. Get down and vibe with local artists performing at Guilt & Co. 7 days a week.

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5. A yoga class at Karma Teachers Yoga in Gastown // 45 W Hastings St.

Karma Teachers Yoga offers free or by donation yoga, from Power Rock to Gentle Hatha.

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6. A visit to the Vancouver Art Gallery on Tuesday // 750 Hornby St.

Go with your BFF and try to decipher some art at the VAG by donation all Tuesday long.

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7. The most decadent and delicious cream puffs ever from Sweet Boy Cream Puffs // 721 Gore Ave.

What started out as cream puffs on a bike has become an adorable little shop for the bestest Sweet Boy Cream Puffs, cream puffs are around $4 each.

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8. A Churro Donut at Timmy's.

Because it's 99 cents.

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9. A breathtaking stroll around Lynn Canyon Park.

Why pay out the nose to walk across the Capilano Suspension Bridge when you can do it for free at Lynn Canyon Park? The Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge is practically the same at zero cost.

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10. Vegan custard pudding at Vegan Pudding & Co. // #101-422 Richards St.

Whether you're vegan or not, you've got to try the one and only vegan custard pudding shop in Vancouver! Pudding goes for only $3.85 each!

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11. Bang for your buck breakfast at Bon's Off Broadway // 2451 Nanaimo St.

All day breakfast for $2.95. I mean, come on. Just, YAS.

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12. Rollerblading around Stanley Park for an hour.

Rollerblade rentals vary, but you can be pretty sure you can find a pair of sturdy rollerblades to get you around the seawall for about $5/hr.

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13. Loaded tacos at Gringo // 27 Blood Alley Square

Tacos here are only $2.75 and beers are only $3.75. Okay fine so it's more than $5 when you put them together, BUT STILL SO CHEAP!

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14. Stargazing at the MacMillan Observatory // 1100 Chestnut St.

Admission is by donation every Friday and Saturday from 8:30 PM to 12 AM.

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15. A mini road trip up to the Cypress Mountain viewpoint.

Just before you hit the very top of Cypress Mountain, there is a stunning viewpoint right off the highway at Cypress Bowl Rd.

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