Young Vancouverites are big dreamers with big aspirations - singers, actresses, artists, ambitious students, etc. Unfortunately, Vancouver is damn expensive, and we are in desperate need for something to fund our dreams. Viola! You become a server.

You know what it's like to work with catty servers, you know what it's like to go to work and get cut after 2 hours on a rainy day, you know that struggle when you get assigned to the patio section during the in-between seasons - we feel you bruh. You're not alone!

Here are 16 signs that you're currently working or have worked (which most of us have) at a restaurant in Vancouver:

1. You have personal deep rooted hatred for Dine Out Vancouver and all the cheapos that come out with it.

Because a tip is just a suggestion right?

2. You're really good at holding 5 plates of different sizes all at the same time, and you low key like showing it off.

All those skills you learned weren't for nothing.

3. You know that there are "Earls Girls", "Milestones Girls", and "Cactus Girls".

How to tell apart the black mini dresses? Oh the question of life.

4. You, at one point, most likely worked at Earls, Milestones or Cactus.

Because who hasn't?

5. You know what 86 means.

And no, it's nothing remotely close to 69.

6. You get significantly more upset at poor service than the rest of your friends.

Because you know how it's done, and you do it right.

7. You've started using "Yo" and "May I" in your daily vernacular.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, you also bleed green.

8. You can't seem to figure out why the girls at table 23 thought the fish tacos were gluten free.

And at this point, you don't care to explain why they aren't GF.

9. You stack your plates, cutlery and napkins when you're finished eating at a restaurant to make your server's life easier.

It just comes naturally.

10. You cringe when you hear "Contiki Tours".

Because who doesn't love a walk-in of 50 people on a Tuesday night when you're completely understaffed.

11. You know for a fact, that if your customer gives you American dollars, it will never make it to the office.

Quick. Where's the nearest ATM?

12. You know the feels when that 15 year-old hostess seats a customer 3 minutes before closing.

And now the server and the kitchen are screwed for at least another 30 minutes.

13. You are particularly understanding, and even sympathetic, when a server is a bit slow on service when their section is packed.

You've been there. It's probably the manager's fault anyway. Under-staffing and over-packing is 100% their fault.

14. Nothing stresses you out more than getting the patio section in either fall or spring.

Because the last thing you want to hear when you're cold, is a customer complaining that it's cold.

15. You're not sure how or why the career server, who's been serving at this restaurant for 5 years, still can't get their table numbers right.

"Wait! No! Don't run that! It's actually going to table 2."

16. It no longer surprises you that a customer complains that their food is cold after finishing up a 20 minute photoshoot with it.

"Should I use this filter, or that filter? this insta-worthy?"

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