I'm at that age where it seems like all I want to do is adventure all day every day. I've got a constant craving to see and do things I haven't done before and visit places I haven't seen.

Lucky for me, I live in beautiful British Columbia where the adventures are easy to come by and when they come, they are hard to forget.

From mountains, to hot springs, to whales to beaches we seem to have it all, and I am determined to experience all of it.

Of the things I have done, here is a list of the ultimate 16 things every 20-something must try in BC.

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Bungee Jump at Whistler Bungee

This is the scariest, most exhilarating thing you will have done in a long time. There is no better place to bungee than in beautiful Whistler, so what are you waiting for?! You jump down toward a flowing river and the scenery around you is absolutely stunning.

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Jump in at Sooke Potholes

I'm absolutely obsessed with Sooke Potholes. They are human sized potholes that you can jump into! It's like out of a movie! Located on Vancouver Island, this is something you have got to try ASAP!

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Camp at Sloquet Hot Springs

Arguably one of the best hot springs you can visit in the whole province, everyone has got to experience Sloquet. It's a bit of a trek so I would advise a little camping trip, which will make for a perfect little weekend away.

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Try surfing in Tofino

Even if you have never surfed in your life, this something you have got to try. Tofino is an incredible place, where the waves are huge and the scenery is unbeatable. Rent a board and a wetsuit and take a lesson if you have to but get out there and try it!

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Visit Botanical Beach

Botanical beach is a magical place on Vancouver Island where the tide pools are huge! You can see all of the little life forms that are inside of them and it's absolutely incredible. It's about a two hour drive from Victoria making it the perfect day trip.

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Go night skiing on Grouse Mountain

Grouse is open until 10pm every night, making it the perfect place to catch the sunset! Grab your skis or board and enjoy some night time skiing. It will be the most fun you've had in a long time, and definitely an experience you will never forget.

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Kayak up Indian Arm

Indian Arm is known for being one of the most spectacular places to kayak. It's a scenic fjord surrounded by stunning mountains. The scenery is truly unparalleled. You can rent a kayak from Deep Cove Kayak and be on your way!

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Hike Garibaldi and jump in

One of the most stunning hikes you will do in BC hands down! The water is completely turquoise, and the mountains are covered with snow all year round. The animals come right up to you, and there is space for camping just in from the little beach. It's truly a magical little experience. It's not a short trip though, 9k up and 9k back down!

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Paragliding with Sea to Sky Paragliding

Don't worry, there is a guide that glides with you making this a safe and incredible experience. The views in BC are incredible from the ground, imagine what they are like while gliding through the air!


Visit Bridal Veil Falls

These falls are absolutely to die for. Located east of Chilliwack, Bridal Veil Falls are absolutely enormous and something you have got to see with you own eyes!

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White Water Rafting in Golden

This is some of the best water rafting around, and something you have got to try. The views you pass are incredible, and it is an absolute blast to do with friends.

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Whale watch

Seeing a whale is honestly life changing... I still cry every time. There are tons of companies around Vancouver that will take you out, and I've been told that fall is a spectacular time to see them!

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Float down the Penticton River Channel

This is the ultimate summer activity. I could do this all day every day if it stayed warm enough. The canal is beautiful and you can float all the way down for free! The mountainous backdrop is out of movie, these are views you just don't get anywhere else.

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Ice Skate on Alta Lake

*Disclaimer* Be very aware of ice conditions -- Ice must be thick enough for skating on. Check online before skating.

If the ice is hard enough, this is a BC must-try activity. It's stunning and an absolute blast to do with friends. This is just another phenomenal aspect of visit Whistler in the winter time.

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Watch a Sunset from Wreck Beach

There isn't much that beats a sunset at Wreck Beach. If you spend the entire day there, and stay long enough to catch the sun go down, it will be an experience you will never forget.

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Explore the Chipmunk Caves

These caves are incredibly cool! It's super safe, but get ready to climb through some tight spaces! Definitely one of things you have got to try in BC.

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