For the longest time, Canada has been seen as the little brother living in the shadow of the U.S. But not for long!

Along with the enormous amount of attention that's been given to our home and native land in lieu of recent international events, we thought we'd give our country a little more attention by showing you some of the most amazing food inventions that we've done better than the States (in our opinion at least).

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From ketchup chips to Oreo Cadbury eggs, Canadians definitely know a thing or two about good food.

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1. Oreo Cadbury Eggs

...are better than normal Cadbury Eggs. How can you go wrong with Oreo flavoured anything?

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2. Lay's Ketchup Chips

...are better than any other flavour of Lay's chips. Everything is better with ketchup.

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3. All Dressed Ruffle Chips

...are better than un-dressed chips. We definitely know a thing or two about chips. I mean, just look at how happy this guy is!

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4. Cookie Dough Kit Kat better than normal Kit Kat. Enough said.

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5. Pink Crush Cream Soda better than Mug Cream Soda. #teampink

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6. Coffee Crisp the best. You have to be the devil to not like Coffee Crisp.

7. Smarties

...are better than M&M's. 

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8. Glosettes

...are better than Raisinets. Tbh, doesn't "Glosettes" just sound so much fancier?

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9. Kinder Surprise simply the best. Sorry to the children of America who have missed out on this good old childhood favourite.

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10. Poutine better than basic fries. Gravy, cheese curds, fries...???

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11. Hawkin's Cheezies

...are better than Cheetos. Okay, maybe only sometimes better.

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12. Tim Hortons better than Dunkin' Donuts. We have Timbits, they don't. Simple as that.

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13. Kraft Peanut Butter better than any other peanut butter ever made. How could you pass up peanut butter with two uber cute teddy bears on the packaging?

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14. Lucky Charms Oatmeal better than regular Lucky Charms. Not sure if it's "healthier", but at least it sounds like it is.

15. Montreal Style Bagels

...are better than American bagels. Smaller, sweeter, denser, sorry New York.

16. Wunderbar better than Butterfingers. It's just too wonderful for words.

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17. Mars Bar

...are better than Milky Way bars. Sweeter, creamier, smoother, better.

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