Unless you're Chip Wilson or the heir to a large fortune, don't get your hopes up about living the high life in Vancouver. Officially the most expensive city in Canada, Vancouver is certain to make you go broke. Until 2011 we had the lowest minimum wage in the country so it's not uncommon for Vancouverites to have two or even three jobs. Seeing as how we're spending all of our time working, how are we ever expected to enjoy the city?

If you can relate to these, chances are Vancouver is making you poor.

1. Your rent is ridiculously high because you live downtown

You're willing to pay more to be closer to everything.

2. Your pre-drinking plans include polishing off a 26 of Vodka with a friend before you get to the bar

And you stash the bottle in the bushes outside the club so you can come back for shots between dance offs.

3. You haven't paid MSP in years

"I have to pay that?" "I thought they just took it out of my cheques?"

4. You eat at The Hastings Warehouse religiously

Can't get cheaper then that $4.95 food menu!

5. You start asking your parents for Safeway gift cards for Christmas

...instead of clothes.

6. You only shop in the sale section of Urban Outfitters

Because you are not going to spend $60 on a pair of cut-off Levi shorts that you could make yourself.

7. You only drink in Yaletown during happy hour

8. You know which Value Village has the best prices

And you'll go all the way down Victoria Drive to get there just to save the cash.

9. You take all of the leftovers from family dinners

You haven't been to the grocery store in a while. Because you paid rent instead.

10. You spend $6 on a coffee every day from the coffee shop around the corner from your house

You can't help it, you love coffee, you support local...and your friends work there so it would be rude to not say hello.

11. You're phone keeps getting cut off

And your friends keep asking why you're texting from your email.

12. You started an online store to make a little extra money

Seems like everyone out here is a designer all of a sudden. Good thing you have sick jewelry making skills from your camp days. Now you can start your Etsy store.

 13. You have three jobs

But you're still broke.

14. You spend at least $10 a day on parking

...because there is zero free street parking downtown.

15. You started cutting back on your skin regime

Because the cost of skin care and beauty products is 25% higher in Vancouver then anywhere in the GVA.

16. You drive all the way to East Van to fill your car up with gas

There are only two gas stations downtown and the prices are higher then anywhere else because of that.

17. You spend a fortune on shipping costs

Because of Vancouver's mediocre "Fast Fashion" shopping scene, you have to order everything online if you want to look original.

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