If you're from Vancouver or any surrounding area, you probably have a mental map in your head of the ever-so-different areas of the city. A large part of this mental map includes fairly accurate stereotypes and cliche's of the various humans who inhabit each area.

Who knew the divisions between a couple highways and bridges could breed such distinct individuals - but evidently it does. And we like to represent ourselves accordingly.

There's no need to tell us, we all know you grew up in West Van. There are a few sure-fire signs that make you a dead give away and here they are:

1. You spent your days at Hollyburn Country Club

Maybe you're playing hockey, maybe you're sitting on the terrace waiting for the hockey players to flirt with you.

2. You drive daddy's cars

That Royce could belong to your dad or your "Daddy". We're judging you anyways.

3. The girls at Aritzia know you by first name

And your friends own all the same items.

4. You maintain a tan all year round

Thank you Fabutan Park Royal.

5. You passed time at Park Royal

Mainly people watch at the food court.

Photo cred - @starbucks

6. You have a complicated Starbucks order

"I'll have a venti non-fat, non-sweet, half decaf, half regular, sugar-free, easy foam, coconut milk latte. Thanks."

7. You hung out at either McDonalds or the skate park

In the underaged West Vannie hand book.

8. Your Instagram is mainly selfies

But honestly whose isn't.

9. You're a Lions Bay/Horseshoe Bay "hippie"

You live in the middle of no where and all there is to do is smoke weed at Lions Bay and Horseshoe Bay.

Photo cred - @britishpacificproperties

10. You actually know how to navigate the British Properties

AKA you can get to "heaven" in less than 10 minutes.

11. You frequented "heaven" to make out in the car

The windows were too steamy to see the views, I know.

12. Your visa has your moms name on it

Strictly for emergencies. But shopping and food are emergencies too sometimes.

13. You frequent YYoga

Or at least own a yoga mat for show.

14. You probably DJ

Or date a DJ.

15. The entire school showed up to your house parties

Maybe even a couple girls from North Van show up uninvited too.

16. You spend weekends at your cabin in Whistler

Weekends, weekdays, entire summers.

17. You worked at Cactus Club Park Royal or go there twice a week

Probably still do.

18. You know at least one pro hockey player

Or used to date one. Or are currently dating one. Or know a girl who once hooked up with one.

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