Hailing from America, Canadian cultural differences can often come as a shock. We do things a bit differently below the border; however, the American presumption of superiority is seriously flawed. Canada is awesome and Vancouver is the zenith of cities.

That being said, Canadians have their own strange tendencies that are especially odd when originally from the States. These quirks make Canada special and help put into perspective the stereotypical American ego.

1. You are constantly disgruntled when paying at the liquor store.

Even with the exchange rate, beer is a little too pricey at least so says an American.

2. In the winter, the rain is supposed to be snow.

Sadly, the umbrella is a year-long necessity in these parts.

3. When someone first describes your headwear as a “toque,” you are quite confused.

I would call it a hat, but hey, I'm not Canadian.

4. People have no idea what you are saying when you say that you are a “sophomore” in University.

It's called second year, dummy.

5. Your 21st birthday becomes a lot less monumental.

Should we go to the bars again tonight?

6. You think in Fahrenheit and Celsius is confusing.

I know freezing technically makes more sense as 0, but not where I'm from.

7. “I'm gonna go to the bathroom.”

Silly American, there's no bathtub in there... “Washroom” makes a little more sense wouldn't you say?

8. You are appalled by the grotesque images on Canadian cigarettes packaging.

I know it's bad for you, but that's a little aggressive.

9. Even as an international student, you're pleased with college tuition prices.

But that beer starts to add up...

10. “Eh” makes no sense.

And if we're being honest, is kind of annoying.

11. No Thanksgiving break in November is always somewhat of a heartbreak.

Come on guys, it's October, what are you doing?

12. You have lots of coins and always forget to bring them with you.

Loonies and toonies aren't the “keep the change” type of coins you might be used to.

13. Spelling has gotten more complicated.

Is it “color” or “colour?”

14. You are pleasantly surprised with how few obese people there are.

Vancouverites should be proud of their health and fitness.

15. There is no chance you can name every Canadian province.

BC, Quebec, Calgary?

16. Other than Justin Trudeau, who do you know in politics?

All hail the Queen! And fvck Trump!

17. Tim Hortons seems a mundane eatery.

It appears to be a Dunkin' Donuts with fewer donuts.

18. Canadian's have their own Netflix and that was a shock.

I use my friend's friend's parents' account and for some reason I can't access my shows this side of the border.

19. You're relieved that the issue of climate change is more accurately framed in BC.

It's not a debate anymore!

20. You love all the different cultures.

Vancouver is an international community, symbolically hopeful of future global peace.

21. You can't ever tell if “American” is being used as a gibe.

And you've seriously reflected on whether or not it rightly should be.

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