It's the dream retail gig. You already spend all your money here so you might as well get a job at the company to offset those shopping costs with a banging employee discount.

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Let's face it, you've been a loyal Aritzia shopper since you bought your first TNA jumpsuit and now you think how different could working there really be? But there's more to Aritzia than meets the eye. Behind the blanket scarves and the well-designed layout, there are certain things that only the employees know to be true.

21. Trying not to spend your entire paycheck on clothes.

"I know I have to pay rent but the Mackage jacket just came in, in my size."

20. Keeping your eyes peeled for an uncalled guest.

19. Obsessively checking the sales tracker throughout the day.

"Nicole just sold a Marc Jacobs bag so she's probably right on my ass now."

18. Constantly misplacing your store number cards.

17. Having to plan a new outfit every week even though you work full time.

16. You've perfected the fake laugh when people say, "don't you trust me?" as you lock up their bag.

Me: "Aww no it's not like that!"

Also me:

15. You've listened to the same retro-dancey playlist 1000 times.

14. You know a return means messing up your numbers for the day.

"Just keep the Rag and Bone jeans, babe."

13. You hate listening to guys complain about waiting in the boyfriend lounge.

You have a faux fur throw, a lounge chair, and magazines. Chill, Kyle.

12. You know Christmas can only mean ringing in a million gift cards.

11. And having to process all of them for a sale later.

10. Being in a rush to get somewhere after work but being held up with a bag check.

really need to go!!!

9. When someone walks in 5 minutes to close.

8. Working at an Aritzia in the mall means you likely won't see daylight during your shift.

7. You don't bother getting to know the newbies anymore because the turnover is real.

"Her name is Sharon or Sandy or Lisa. I don't know."

6. Helping a lost boyfriend or mother who is looking for a gift.

"Okay, so you don't know her size...ummm..."

5. Using that trusty fake laugh when people comment on the sale items.

"You call $5 off a sale?"

4. There's a twinkle in your eye when you're asked to help re-merch the store for a holiday.

3. Finding a size in the back closet is like entering Narnia.

2. Spending an hour on the phone with different locations trying to find a size.

"Hey Richmond Centre, there's someone at Park Royal who apparently is willing to make the treck. Yes, I'll hold."

1. Having to refer to your store as a boutique.


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