It's all been heard before. How Millennials are the laziest generation, how we're entitled and lack purpose and drive. Well that's enough. Because we're a generation of untapped potential and possibility. We're a new breed that seeks experience and fulfillment and might have a slight addiction to instagram. 

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It's a vibrant, youthful cocktail of the good and the bad, because with the highs and lows of belonging to this geveration - there's a whole lot of laughs. Mix that in with living in Vancouver - one of the most beautiful cities in the world - and you're in for an exciting life. And somewhere in those twenty-something years, we know you can relate to some of these struggles. 

1. Growing up in the North Shore and having a full-time job across the water. 

Here's a first world struggle. Paying for a Compass Card and having to seabus or skytrain on daily. 

2. Finally turning 19, spending a summer on the Granville St, and realizing it's not all it's cracked up to be. 

I don't remember walking by these lineups when I was younger. 

3. Wanting to travel to the East Coast, but being witheld by lousy ticket prices. 

A round trip to Florida is literally half the price of a trip to Toronto. 

4. You've definitely driven down the border one too many times. 

That makes how many trips to Seattle? If you trek a bit further you could make it to Oregon Coast. 

5. Trying to decide whether to plan your summer trip to Whistler or to the Okanagan.

No matter how bad airfare is, we still have our beautifiul British Columbia. 

 6. Fighting to take photos alongside tourists at ________ (Insert touristy area here)

No, I'm not here on vacation, I'm just here cause I need an Instagram. 

7. That one friend who feels the need to take photos of the food before every meal. 

Put a filter on it, the paella is getting cold. 

8. Belonging to a generation of instagrammers who all end their names in "fit". 

Hit me up for holistic nutrition advice at @vplanafit

9. Feeling the need to look candid in every single photo. 

Are we taking more photos at Robson Square again? And what's so funny about the ground that you're laughing? 

10. There's still no Uber in Vancouver.

Everyone else has it, why not us? And no, Evo is nowhere near the same. 

11. You've nearly run out of brunch places in downtown to visit. 

God forbid that you stay home for a weekend, but if not - check out our list of must-visit brunches

12. Needing either a guest list or a 9pm meet-up time if you want to go anywhere downtown. 

Again, the lineup for Fortune should not be this long! 

13. Having to decide between a mortgage or avocado toast at Nelson the Seagull. 

Say what you want, but I choose the toast. 

14. Having a conflicting sense of identity becasue you went to school out of province. 

Do I associate with Vancouer now, or my new-found city? It's the first quarter-life crisis. 

15. The bittersweet moment of losing friends cause they work or study out of province. 

On the bright side, you've always wanted to visit Toronto!

16. Between Tinder, Bumble and whatever new dating app is out, you're tired of swiping and 'first dates'. 

We've all been to Revolver, there are only so many times it can be a "first date" there. 

17. Getting criticized as a millennial, but seeing the next generation walking around Metrotown with fidget spinners. 

What's the big deal? Every kid you saw in that mall was holding one, if not two. 

18. Not buying a fidget spinner or other Generation Z fad in fear of getting judged. 

Back in my day, we played with Lego and Barbie dolls. 

19. Self-reflecting and realizing that you are slowly, but surely becoming a Vancouver basic bro/bitch. 

In denial? Not sure? Here's how to tell

20. Self-reflecting and realizing your generation has come up with perhaps some of the most ludicrous slang yet. 

Here's a game: Walk down Robson and count how many times you hear the word "lit". 

21. Having a closet full of ugly Christmas sweaters bought from Forever XXI and H&M, waiting for December to come back. 

It's really for the instagram. So are the red cups. And every other bad habit

22. Walking through Waterfront Station and realizing that now everyone owns a Herschel bag. 

Is it cause I'm near SFU Harbourside? This isn't even hipster anymore, it's overdone. 

23. Everyone you know and their best friend owns a patagonia jacket. 

Do you people even outdoor? What am I saying, it's British Columbia, of course you do. 

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