Oh, Instagram. Admit it, you're obsessed with it. You also are obsessed with scrolling through people's feeds and I know you've thought to yourself a million times, "where is that mural?" Well, fear not, because I too am just as obsessed and I've devoted way too much of my time finding the best walls in the city to take Instagram photos against.

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Your feed needs some flavour, and lately, you haven't broken 100 likes on a photo so if you need some inspiration and a pop of wow check out the 24 spots below to take your Instagram from blah to bam!

via @mariamordubadi

1. This shark on a shed at 30th and Ontario.

via @vanmuralfest

2. Or the stunning peacock mural on 1981 Main Street.

via @bellabucchiotti

3. Play some bas-ket-ball at 2111 Main Street.

via @baiktobasics

4. The vibrant walls on the south side of W Hastings between Granville and Seymour.

via @thoughttourist

5. Rainbow Power at W 6th and Granville.

via @kpgrill

6. This insane mural at Maker Labs on 80th and E Cordova St.

via @dezoraptor

7. This gorgeous piece at 7285 E 5th Avenue.

via @janellesaccucci

8. As if you needed more reasons to want to work at Hootsuite.

via @jacqui.ko.wears

9. Next level graffiti at Our Town Café Parking Lot.

via @jumpforjoyphotoproject

10. Get creative at the Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House.

via @keltickwirk

11. Table for two outside JJ Bean on Main Street.

via @olavolo

12. Leave your mark on Granville and 13th.

via @justinvancouver

13. Pose with your cone at UYU

Sep 2017 update: UYU is now permanently closed.

via @vancouverchew

14. Get obsessed with Olive and Ruby.

Note: the opposite wall is white and covered in plant babies!!

via @jordankitagawa

15. Get lost in the pink jungle on 8th and Main.

via @alinajiwani

16. 218 flavours. 1 wall at La Casa Gelato.

via @katiemaasik

17. Pose by words of wisdom at the corner of Southern and Station.

via @mariamordubadi

18. Literally, any Purdy's wall will do the trick.

via @benji__boi

19. Little Mermaid vibes at Commercial and Broadway.

via @kbaritto

20. "Gogh" to White Rock to see this gorgeous mural.

via @romeo.van

21. Kiss the frog at 281 Industrial Ave.

via @_animelgirl1981

22. Sick art at The Arts Factory Annex located at 246 Southern St.

via @aliceenville

23. Pavel Pride at 11th and Main.

via @brucebachand

24. Think Pink at the Arts Factory Society.

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