We're still in the middle of finals season and you're probably frantically studying, trying to cram every last minuscule piece of information into your brain at Irving. And then all of a sudden, you overhear something from the conversation between the three guys studying at the table behind you and it is the funniest, damnest thing you've heard all semester long.

Or, your professor decides to say something hilarious, highly inappropriate, or just so accurate that you can't even.

Thank you to all those people who have no idea what an indoor voice is and those who have Kanye size confidence and couldn't care less as to who's listening because you make our lives so much more entertaining. And thank you social media and Facebook for giving us a platform to share the most hilarious things we've heard at school yet.

So take a little break from your studying and enjoy this compilation of the best UBC Overheard's to date.

1.When your prof so accurately describes your life

2. When your prof tries to use economics to explain everything?

3. That time your prof got really honest with you

4. And that time that one person in class got really honest with the prof

5. When your prof is a savage

6. When you just can't anymore

7. This will resonate with everyone who's from Hong Kong

8. I mean we all make mistakes right?

9. I want to be a potato too?

10. When the one guy in the comments answers all relationship questions

11. Another time your prof was an absolute savage

12. When your prof makes you seriously doubt yourself

13. Is it too late to drop the class?

14. When studying for finals gets so real

15. #girlpower #selfiepower

16. When your friend finds the hole in your logic

17. This guy's clearly got his priorities straight

18. Though honestly, I wouldn't mind if half that line left

19. When that chick is dropping you hints

20. When even your bus driver is savage AF

21. And continues to be

22. This poor poor foreign student

23. When you simply just heard wrong

All photos credit to UBC Overheard on Facebook

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