Vancouver vegans run this city. It's no surprise that more and more vegan restaurants are opening in Vancouver and that milk alternatives like Almond, Soy, and Matchstick's Hazelnut Cashew medley are becoming a regular on the condiments counter. Veganism isn't a trend, it's a lifestyle, and with that, you've noticed that "veganism" starts multiplying in your friend group by the hour.

You might still eat meat, but for the first time ever you are having to choose your brunch spots based on how many vegan alternatives they have, and you need to remember to bake accordingly for the potluck held at that other vegan friend's house warming. Is butter vegan? I know it's not a carb....

There are a few things that will change when your friends go vegan. So sit back, fry yourself some bacon, and read on.

1. They’ll cleanse.

via Betches

2. They’ll probably go gluten-free too.

3. They'll switch to only buying organic and sustainable products.

4. They’ll ask if you’ve been to Virtuous Pie yet.

5. And suggest Nice Vice for dessert.


6. They’ll start to boycott soy.

Wait, aren't you vegan? What's that? Soy's bad for the environment? *adds it to the list*

7. They’ll shop exclusively at Whole Foods and Urban Fare.

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8. You’ll inherit their microwave.

While getting a lecture about its cancerous rays.

9. They’ll almost exclusively drink kombucha.

And they probably grow their own scoby.

10. They’ll always justify their sources of protein and iron. 

"Did you know you can get the same amount of iron from spinach and you don't have to eat murder?"

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11. You will watch them poke at their plate of hashbrowns whenever you brunch somewhere that isn't Meet on Main. 

12. They’ll start volunteering at Happy Herd Farm Sanctuary.

13. They’ll whip out factory farm facts at you at the most inopportune times.

*Stops eating lunch*


14.They'll all of a sudden become a nutrition expert.

15. Their internet browser will be filled with Oh She Glows recipes.

16. They'll follow at least 1 if not all the people on this list.

17. They'll start doing yoga more frequently.

"Would you like to join me for a down dog and a kale shake?"

via Tenor Keyboard

18. They will switch to VEGA and convince you why you should too. 

19. Their house is stocked with homemade fruit leathers and kale chips made with their brand new dehydrator. 

20. Their blood has been replaced with Glory Juice. 

via Dorothy Camak

21.They’ll try to convince you that “Chicken Fun-gers” are better than chicken fingers.

And you both know that’s not true.

22. They'll start being vegan because their friend told them to watch a documentary.

23. Dating becomes a whole episode for them.

via Goodreads

24. And Erin Ireland becomes their new Goddess.

And her Insta feed will probably convert you too.

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