You know the feel. Every time you see those black and white stripes, you feel that exhilarating rush of excitement about blush and bronzer running through your body.

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Ahhhh, Sephora - your heavenly hub of infinite happiness. It's where your inner make up artist/beauty guru comes out to play, doing swatches on your arms all day until you come out looking like you've been hit by a box of crayons.

If any of this sounds familiar to you, you'll probably admit that you're a bit of an addict when it comes to shopping at Sephora. But have no shame, because we're all in this together, one VIB Rouge card at a time. Here are 26 struggles that only real Sephora addicts understand.

1. You're VIB the end of January.

2. You buy things just so you can be VIB Rouge.

3. Having to explain to your S/O the difference between the red, silver and black cards.

4. Making online orders just to get the free gifts.

5. You already know what you're going to purchase next when the coupon codes for those free gifts arrive in your inbox.

6. You keep tabs on Sephora's semi-annual 15% and 20% sale, and already have a list of purchases prepared in advance.

7. You regularly stalk their website's "Just Arrived" page.

8. Going into Sephora meaning to buy 1 eyeliner, and come out with 3 highlighters and a new eyeshadow palette.

Watch me glow.

9. Saving up so many points that you don't know whether to save them or spend them.

Life's hardest decisions.

10. When point perks drop on Tuesday and Thursday and you're stalking and waiting on emails to see if anything's good.

11. You're willing to line up for blocks to get the latest make up item.

Hello, Make-Up by Mario.

12. You're willing to pay $60 for foundation.

13. You know each section by heart and need no help navigating yourself through your local Sephora.

"Welcome to Sephora! Is there anything I can help yo..."
"Nah girl, I'm good."

14. You start rummaging through the drawers for more stock.

Even though you're totally not supposed to.

15.  You colour match yourself and your friends.

16. You know the actual names of all the make up you use.

It's not just bronzer, it's "Hoola".

17. You've tried the Boscia peel mask, Nars' Laguna bronzer and the Urban Decay Primer Potion at some point cause they're cult classics.

If you haven't, the makeup community shuns you. #jknotjk

18. When the staff know you by name.

19. "Orgasm" and "Deep Throat" are names of blush to you.


20. When you are willing to shop in the crowd of swarming people on Pre-Sale Day for VIB Rouge status!

21. You refuse to delete their news letters without reading through them first.

22. You low-key judge people for buying drugstore make up.

23. You're willing to go out of your way to make a trip to Sephora solely to get your free birthday gift.

24. When you walk into Sephora and already know what the featured products are.

25. When you need another red lipstick because it's not the same as the other 15 red lipsticks you already own.

26. Your deep rooted love for Sephora is practically a religion.

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