Being Korean in Vancouver is pretty awesome! You've got the some of the best food, best karaoke bars, and you all are the epitome of squad goals. Actually being Korean in general is pretty awesome, because well, Peppero, K-Pop and Running Man.

But as a disclaimer, let me clarify that I am not Korean. So how is any of this legit? Well folks, I personally went out and asked the Korean Vancouverites out here, what are some things that only Koreans living in Vancouver would understand.

From the super Korean-Koreans, to the not so Korean-Koreans, I'm sure you can relate to some of these things.

1. Having a set of Korean friends AND a separate set of non-Korean friends.

I don't get why that's a thing.

2. Switching back and forth between English and Korean.

"Appa, this kimchi is daebak!!!"

3. Having to help your parents with ordering at non-Korean restaurants because their English is probably pretty horrible.

Okay, not all our parents have horrible English, but the ones that do, it's always "adeul" this and "ddal" that.

4. Never having your name, or your middle name, spelled correctly on anything or pronounced correctly for that matter.

It's "Hansu", not "Han Soo".

5. Having a deep inner conflict when it comes to deciding whether to watch Korean TV shows, or American TV shows.

Infinity Challenge or Game of Thrones? Because obviously no Korean has enough time in their busy schedules to watch both.

6. Ordering Buldak at your favourite Korean restaurant around Lougheed and having your non-Korean friends start tearing just at the smell of it.

Spicy or nothing.

7. Having a completely separate fridge for your mom's homemade kimchi is totally normal to you.

Well, why would you not have a separate fridge for kimchi?

8. Your dad can down soju like it's water.

Asians can't drink? You've never met a Korean dad.

9. Having stare downs with other Koreans.

I don't know what it is, but apparently Koreans have a tendency to awkwardly stare down other Koreans. That tension though.

10. Your go-to hang out spot is on Robson, the blocks between Nicola and Denman.

How could it not be? Zabu Chicken!

11. If not Robson, it's Lougheed.

Reppin' K-town.

12. Your go-to grocery store will forever be H-Mart.

Superstore, Save Ons, Safeway...they ain't got shiiiitttt.

13. An evening out with your Korean friends is never complete without karaoke.

Someone bust out Twice, Zion T, or some old school Bi, please!

14. A handful of your Korean friends probably got plastic surgery as soon as they got out of high school.

It's a little unfortunate, but it's the truth.

15. You can tell whether someone is Korean, Chinese or Japanese, just by looking at them.

It's like the Asian sixth sense.

16. Your parents reaaaaally want you to marry a "sweet, nice, and good looking Korean boy/girl".

Okay, Omma...

17. Having all these ahjumma's tell you that you don't eat enough, and then also tell you that you're fat.

All at the same time. Like...what?

18. Your mom watches way too much K drama.

But then again you probably do too.

19. Looking forward to Chuseok for all that mullah.

Money, money, moneeyyy.

20. And that tteok guk is pretty dope too.

It's all about the rice cake soup.

21. Anytime you argue or need to emphasize the awesomeness of something, you need to say it in Korean because it has so much more of an impact.

It's a language of many emotions.

22. You definitely use Kakao Talk.

Seriously, way better emojis/stickers than Line, FB, or Whatsapp.

23. And forget Snapchat, it's all about Snow.

Korean app game too strong.

24. You have a love-hate relationship with Korean BBQ. It's so good, but you hate it when you walk out and your hair, your clothes, literally your everything smells like Korean BBQ.

How can something that tastes so good, be so annoying?

25. You call guys who aren't actually your brother, "oppa", and girls who aren't actually your sister, "unnie".

It's one big Korean family.

26. Being kind of a white washed Korean and not identifying with anything on this list.

I don't blame you, I mean you are also Canadian.

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