During the winter in Vancouver, summer couldn't feel further away. The non-stop rain and snow starts to make it feel like the skies were never sunny and we never had golden tans.

But when the sun does come out for that golden slot of three to five months, we couldn't be happier. Although winter is amazing for ski season (hello Whistler!)—that's pretty much about it.

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Got those winter blues? Yeah us too. Read on for a reminder of all the amazing things that are summer and escape the cold in your daydreams. Narcity has compiled a list of 28 of the things we are missing from summer in no particular order and we're pretty sure you'll feel relate. Comment below what you miss most!

Here's to patio season, hiking season, festival season, and basically the best season all around: summer. PS: pics are included to amp up the nostalgia.


1. Festival season (come back Pemby)

2. Tanning anywhere and everywhere

3. Hiking all the time

4. Hitting up the beach on the daily

via @tapandbarrel

5. Patio season

6. All the outdoor food and drink events

7. Not having to wear a huge jacket when you’re hitting up the bars at Gastown or Granville

8. Biking or rollerblading along the seawall

via @localkits

9. Frequenting the LOCAL patio in Kits

10. Swimming under waterfalls

11. Day drinking and getting vitamin D at patios like Cactus English Bay and Tap & Barrel


12. Boating

13. Devouring Earnest Ice Cream (even though we do that all year round)

14. Seeing the Celebration of Light fireworks


15. Trying all the crazy (and hella deep fried) foods at the night markets

16. Not having as many Translink delays (mainly due to snow)

17. Pool parties

18. All the summer Insta pics

19. THE SUN...


20. ... and the sunsets (sigh)

21. Getting day drunk at the Okanagan wineries

22. Cooling off in lakes

23. Hitting up the islands around B.C.

24. Trading in rain boots for flip flops

25. Chilling in the rock pools at Lynn Canyon


26. Always having a sangria in your hand

27. Free outdoor movies

28. Cooling down with screamers

29. Seeing more dogs out and about (yay!)

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