Vancouver has some pretty epic places to enjoy some of the best meals of your life. I'm not domestic by any means so you can pretty much guarantee that you will never see me cooking anything in a kitchen. I like to leave things like that up to the pros, which means I spend a lot of my time at Vancouver restaurants and bars.

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Of course, if I was being completely bias this bucket list would consist solely of chicken and waffles joints. Alas, I have recently been reminded that fried chicken and waffles shouldn't be the major source of protein and carbs in my diet so I figured I would dig into my food journal (similar to a dream journal) and pick out my top 30 favorite meals in Vancouver.

If you're like me, you like food more then people so this list is about to be your best friend. 

Photo cred - @madradha

1. Fried Chicken and Waffles // Tuc Craft Kitchen

2. Tuna Tacos // La Taqueria

3. Chicken Wings // Phnom Penh

4. Waffles // Chambar

5. Beef Tataki // Guu Original Thurlow

Photo cred - @chowido

6. Fallafel Plate // Nuba 

7. Sakura Blossom Roll // Shizenya

8. Oysters // Rodney’s Oyster House

9. Spicy Cajun Chicken Sandwich // Meat and Bread

10. Muscles // The Flying Pig

Photo cred - @indulge_with_mimi

11. Ribs // Calabash Bistro

12. Deep Fried Bacon // The Eatery

13. Sliders // Six Acres

14. Slice Pear, Arugula and Blue Cheese Pizza // The Parlour

15. Mushroom and Brie Omelette // Caffe Brixton

Photo cred - @apollo_blue

16. Nachos // The Foundation

17. Black Ramen // The Ramen Butcher

18. Checkmate Caesar //  The Score on Davie

19. Fried Chicken // Duffins Donuts

20.  Cocoanut and Rum Pie // The Pie Shoppe

Photo cred - @bestiewurst

21. Currywurst // Bestie

22. Steamed Bao's // Bao Down

23. Terimayo Hot Dog // Japa Dog

24. Double Smoked Eggs Benny Sandwich // Yolks Breakfast

25.  Strawberry Cheesecake // Cheesecake Etc.

Photo cred - @celine_gabrielle

26. Porter House Steak // Gotham Steakhouse

27. Chicken Satay Skewers // Banana Leaf Cafe

28. Spicy Beef Satay Sub // Viet Sub

29. Beef Pho // Pho Goodness

30. Oxtail Poutine // Edible Canada

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