Canucks fans are passionate. Remember that time we lost the Stanley Cup and rioted? Twice. Alright, let's shelf that. As a Canucks fan from birth, I can say I've been to a few (too many) games and have no plans on stopping any time soon. There's nothing quite like spending way too much money on a can of cheap beer and being surrounded by 18,000 like-minded fans. The energy in the arena is electric and the music they play in between whistle blows is fire.

Maybe you're like me and you've been to hundreds of games, or maybe you've only been to one, but if you ask anyone who has ever been they can agree that they've said and heard some pretty similar things. As the game goes on the cheering and roaring gets louder and the amount of empty plastic beer cups around your seat grows.

So read on, Canucks fans. And tell me how many of these things you've overheard at Rogers Arena.

1. "This is my first time at a Canucks game."

2. "They better win tonight."

3. "I grew up watching these guys."

4. "The Sedins are such p*ssys."

5. "I love the Sedins."

6. "We used to be so much better when Bertuzzi played."

7. "Do you want to start a wave?"

8. "Dude we totally started this wave."



11. "Offside."


13. "Do the Green Men still come to games?"

14. "Let's throw popcorn at the dude in the [insert opposing team] jersey.

15. "Omg she's so drunk."

16. "They're pulling Miller."

17. "I can't believe those scalper tickets worked."

18. "Icing!"

19. "Where's Fin??"

20. "Fight! Fight! FIGHT!!!"

21. "Virtanen is WIDE OPEN!!!"

22. "WHAT A GOAL!!!!"

23. "Sutter is such a beauty."

24. "Skate. Skate. Skate."

25. "Come on, Danny get us a hat trick."

26. "There are so many hot Dads here."

27. "If they don't pick Burrows for the shootout they might as well give away the game."

28."The net is off!!!! Miller is fully out of his net!"

29. "I miss Juice."

30. "Kesler was our only good player."

31. "That's some gorgeous stick handling."

32. "Yeah, they're actually twins."

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