If you have existed in this universe during the last decade or so, you have probably seen Mean Girls at least twenty times. Even if you don't go out of your way to watch it, almost everyone ends up seeing it at some point anyways.

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Even if you're some weird anomaly that has never seen it ever and is also probably currently living under a rock in some far off forest, chances are you still know a Mean Girls reference when you hear one. There's no escaping it.

So, since knowing which Mean Girls character your school is is weirdly fascinating, here are eight B.C. universities as all of your favourite characters.

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1. Regina George // UBC

I think literally everyone saw this one coming. Regina George is considered the queen bee of her school, and UBC could potentially be called the queen bee of all schools, making it the perfect match. Ranked the best university in B.C., UBC has an ego that rivals Regina's. On the other hand, though, UBC does have a ton of people that admire it, much like Regina's sea of fans.

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2. Cady Heron // BCIT

BCIT is definitely Cady Heron due to the fact that it looks humble and innocent on the outside, but on the inside is really just a slightly more diluted version of Regina Geaorge / UBC. Cady Heron wants to be Regina George so badly, but it's just not quite the same.

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3. Gretchen Wieners // University of Victoria

Gretchen Wieners is a party girl, and we've all heard a story or two about the UVIC parties. Gretchen is also ultra rich and privileged (you know, since her dad invented the toaster strudel) just like many of the students who go to UVIC.

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4. Aaron Samuels // KPU

KPU is Aaron Samuels in the sense that he plays a major roll in the movie, yet is somehow still kind of a background character. KPU plays a huge role when it comes to education in Vancouver, but is still less prominent than the Reginas and Gretchens of the world. Aaron Samuels is also a mega jock, which fits well in well with all of Kwantlen's athletic programs.

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5. Glen Coco // University of the Fraser Valley

UFV is a well known and well liked school, but people don't seem to know much about it. This is similar to Glen Coco, since he's probably one of everyone's favourite characters, but does anyone even know what he looks like? That's what I thought. Regardless, four for you, UFV. You go, UFV.

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6. Kevin Gnapoor // Langara

We all know Kevin Gnapoor is by far the most artistic character in all of Mean Girls. Did you hear his rap song? It was absolute fire. Langara students are permanently on the pursuit of being the most artsy, however they have to live with the tragic burden of knowing they will never be on Kevin G's level.

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7. Mrs. George // SFU

Even though there's decades between them, Mrs. George is still secretly in constant competition with Regina. She wants to be young, popular, and pretty, too. This is much the same with SFU and UBC, since the two were founded decades apart but are still so competitive with each other.

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8. Karen Smith // Douglas College

It's understandable that no university would want to be compared to Karen for obvious reasons, but Karen actually has a ton of great qualities. She's friendly, loyal, and honest. Qualities which many Douglas students share. However, she is also subject to many snarky comments and rude remarks, something many students can relate to. Having to dealing with people constantly calling it "Dougy Daycare" is on par with Regina's constant bullying of Karen.

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