With the release of the brand new Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts One and Two, the world has been thrown back into a magical frenzy. After the release of the first Harry Potter book on June 26th 1997, the world has fallen deeply and madly in love with the spectacled, scared and magical Harry Potter and his misadventures at the School of Hogwarts.

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The seven book series went on to sell 400 million copies worldwide, complemented by the release of eight critically acclaimed films adaptations. Whether you are a full blown Potterhead with a membership to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, or you have only seen a few of the movies, any university student can relate to these. And learning which Harry Potter Character your school is will be crucial to your ultimate academic success.


1. UBC // Harry Potter

This one is super obvious because Harry Potter runs the show just like UBC. Everyone knows who he is just like everyone is familiar with UBC. He's smart, he's courageous and he's done some pretty important things in the world of magic, like defeating Voldemort. No big deal. Since he was a baby, Harry Potter was destined to be important just like students emerging from UBC are expected to accomplish amazing things.

2. SFU // Hermoine Granger

Hermoine is the smartest student at Hogwarts but is constantly being overshadowed by Harry, just like UBC overshadows SFU. But both schools are important to the reputation of post secondary education in BC. Is it just me or would Harry and Ron definitely have been dead in a ditch somewhere around book 3 if it wasn't for Hermoine? I always found her to be a little under-appreciated and overlooked.


3. BCIT // Lord Voldemort

Voldemort is convinced he is supposed to rule the magical world and thinks he can defeat Harry Potter.  The only people that believe he could are Voldemort and his loyal Death Eaters. Much like students at BCIT...they are the only ones who think they are better than Harry Potter. They think they are the hub of education in BC and try to convince everyone else they are too.

4. Douglas // Ron Weasley

Ron Weasley isn't always the smartest of the bunch but has a lot of important and useful qualities just like the students at Douglas. He is lovable but he's always getting into trouble and messing up. He needs a little bit more support and help getting through his classes, but just when you've written him off... he comes in clutch.

5. Langara // Luna Love

Luna Lovegood is the definition of eccentric and artsy. Her head is permanently stuck in the clouds and she is always talking about something weird that no one understands but actually has a lot of wisdom and meaning. Students at Langara are always doing something cool and artsy, like taking pictures as part of the bomb photography program there.


6. UVIC // Ron and Fred Weasley

Ron and Fred are a lot more interested in partying and having fun than going to school. The fact that they dropped out before graduation to open a joke shop is a testament to that. School was never on their list of priorities just like students at UVic who have other priorities, like drinking.


7. Trinity Western // Darco Malfoy

Although the students that go there are really friendly and cool, you've got to be loaded to go there. Trinity is one of the most expensive schools in Canada and Darco Malfoy is loaded. Darco is an outcast and has really strict parents just like most students at Trinity have really strict and Christian parents. 

8. UFV // Neville Longbottom

UFV is the ultimate outcasted school. Is it a college, is it a university? Where is it? What is going on out there? At the beginning of the series Neville Longbottom is the ultimate outcast. He is socially outcasted and awkward and people really don't know what to make of him. Towards the end of the series he becomes a crucial character in the story, but in the beginning he couldn't be more lost.

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