You're bright-eyed, bushy tailed and ready to start university. You've finally made it out of high school and can't wait to begin your first year at UBC. But of course your excitement isn't complete with out a little bit of anxiousness, and that's totally normal.

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Every freshman has their worries about how to make the most out of there year, but not to fear, Narcity is here! Here are 9 tips every UBC freshman should know to make the most out of their first year, and the rest of the four years at university.

1. Don't be afraid to make new friends in your classes.

So you might be new to the city, and maybe you didn't attend any of the first-year pre-semester events, and maybe you don't know anyone. But that's totally cool. Don't be afraid to sit next to that really nice looking stranger, or that super cute guy/girl in class on the first day. In fact the first day is probably the best day to do it, because the longer you wait, the more that unspeakable rule of assigned seats in class will start to settle in, and you will have missed the chance. Just do it! You're all first years just looking to make friends anyway.

2. Join school clubs.

Go to UBC clubs day! Chances are you'll probably get pretty overwhelmed by the amount of clubs that there are at UBC, and you'll pick up a whole bunch of pamphlets that you'll end up throwing away. But find a few that you're actually interested in and try to make a little effort to attend the meetings, because you'll probably make some awesome friends there and maybe even end up in a position you could put on your resume. Get involved! It's not really as bad as it sounds.

3. Getting good grades doesn't really matter that much..

...Unless of course you're planning on applying for grad school. But otherwise, you can't really measure how much you're learning or the quality of what you've learned by the grades that you get. And definitely don't take boring ass classes just to boost your GPA. Don't be afraid to take some classes that you actually find interesting and just get an average, or dare I say even below average, grade in it. Honestly, who cares? You'll probably come out of school doing something completely different anyway.

4. Don't buy your textbooks full price.

Seriously guys, it's kind of just a money grab. Buying textbooks at full price can really add up, buy your textbooks from the discount bookstore at University Village or just buy them off of someone on a UBC textbook Facebook group. Students just like you, are just trying to sell their old textbooks, nobody is really looking to get a dollar out of it. Let them help you! Also, feel free to buy your clickers there too.

5. Get Amazon Prime!

I swear this is not a plug, but Amazon Prime is so awesome. Just sign up as a student with your UBC email and get the first 6 months for free. Amazon Prime for students gives you free shipping on everything at any price with only 1-2 day shipping. If you're an English student needing to buy your novels super last minute to catch up on your readings, you won't regret getting this.

6. Network!

All throughout university I hated the "N" word: Network. To me, the word felt like people just becoming friends with people to use people. And to some extent, I still hate it. But the truth is, there's no harm in just getting to know your peers because later on down the ominous road that is life, these peers might just be able to help you kick start your career or help you some way or another in your life.

7. Try living at dorms for a year.

If you haven't already applied for residency at Vanier or Totem, try applying for it next year. Try living at school for a year to really bask yourself into college life; freedom away from home, school night pub crawls, getting late night grub with your floor mates, going to Wreck with your crush. It's also a huge part of just learning how to live on your own and becoming that independent woman who don't need no man.

8. It's okay to not know what you want to major in.

Unless you've got it all figured out, which most of us don't, you probably just took an educated guess about the things you liked when applying for your faculty. And that's okay! You've got plenty of time to switch faculties and take elective courses in different disciplines that you might also be interested in. I was a Sauder student, turned Pscyh student, and then finally English Lit Major. Try different things and discover what you truly love.

9. Plan to go on exchange for a year.

So you probably won't be able to go on exchange on your first year of university, nor would you want to, considering all the awesome friends you're going to make. But definitely plan to go on exchange somewhere for a year, or even a semester, at some point during your college years. Research where you'd like to go, what courses you might want to study, whether your credits will transfer or not, save up for it, etc. No doubt that exchange will the one of the biggest highlights of your time at university.

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