It seems as if when it comes to Zodiac signs you either love them or you hate them and think they are pointless. However whichever side of the argument you are I guaranteed that you have probably been able to relate to something you have read or heard about Zodiacs. Whether it was about you or about someone you know, sometimes they are spot on.

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With so many established and interesting University and Colleges to chose from in Vancouver it might be useful to consider your zodiac sign when deciding where to attend. If you don't have a defined academic path and just want to have a positive school experience, or you want to see if you made the right choice, this list is for you.

1. Capricorn // SFU

Capricorns are responsible, independent and enjoy being in diverse and dynamic environments. They are disciplined and are expected to become great leaders and managers in the world of business.

2. Aquarius // UBCO

Aquarius are born shy and quiet and love being alone. They look at the world like one filled with possibilities and are very stubborn and committed to their principals and beliefs. Aquarius are able to lead in an unconventional way and would do well at a quieter yet just as challenging intellectual environment like UBCO.

3. Pisces // Capilano

Pisces are friendly and love to be in the company of all kinds of people but are also very shy. They are also selfless, intuitive and creative and would do well in the school of design at Capilano.

4. Aries // Kwantlen

Aries are very energetic in a restless sort of way. They want to be first in everything and it's in their nature to take action. Aries are leaders and innovators but also very individually competitive like the students at Kwantlen. They are innovators who would do well in the fashion or another individual specific and tailored program.

5. Taurus // Douglas

Taurus are extremely stubborn and possessive however that leads them to be very reliable and stable. All they want is to live a stable, comfortable life and they have strong protective instincts. They would do well in a career such as nursing and would be happy in an affordable program such as Douglas College.

6. Gemini // UVIC

Geminis love chatter and speaking to anyone about anything and hate being alone. They are destined to write or teach and are curious about the world and have strong desires to explore and travel the world. Geminis should head to UVic and embrace to social atmosphere.

7. Cancer // Emily Carr

Cancers love activities that don't require them to leave the comfort of their home and have a passion for art. Cancers tend to be very emotional and empathetic and have been known to experience major mood swings and they would fit in well at Emily Carr.

8. Leo // UBC

Leos are our natural born leaders. They are expected to become our politicians, our lawyers and deans and can achieve anything they put their mind to and always achieve success.

9. Virgo // Vancouver Community College

Virgos are picky about their environment and are only comfortable when they have found a way to make themselves useful. They are organized, careful and don't like leaving anything to chance. They would be happiest in an event planning or management program at VCC due to their organizational and attention to detail skills.

10. Libra // Quest

Libras are extremely social people who love being around other people and who are great at working in teams. Indecisiveness is a downfall of Libras at times but they definitely know how to appreciate the beautifulness of their surroundings and would love a campus like Quest in Squamish.

11. Scorpio // BCIT

Scorpios have daring personalities and love to go on adventures and experience extreme stuff. They are brave, fiercely independent, would make great leaders and are extremely dedicated to whatever they decide to do.

12. Sagittarius // Langara

Sagittarius are philosophical thinkers who love challenging the norm and travelling. They love change and do best in a more creative and adaptable environment rather than a confined work space.

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