"I love the weather in Vancouver!" - said no one ever in the history of mankind...until now.

The Riverdale cast is probably quite used to Vancouver weather by now, as they've been filming here for almost two years now since the first season of Riverdale - the cold rainy days, the random snowfalls way passed Christmas. But apparently, one of the cast's mom isn't...and her reaction is totally not what we would expect.

KJ Apa's mom, Tessa Apa, flew into Vancouver for a visit and apparently, she is LIVING for the weather here. Yup, LIVING!

Yesterday afternoon, KJ posted this picture on his Insta and captioned "Mum is particularly adrenalized by the Vancouver snow." Being from New Zealand, it's not hard to see why Tessa is so excited for it as snowfall is rather rare where the Apa family's from.

While the rest of us are out here crying over cold weather and fuming that we can hardly get our cars running, KJ's mom is in love with it.

And perhaps we can all take a hint from mother. It's just snow, it's not an apocalypse.

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