The last fallen leaf of the year marks the point at which it becomes absolutely unacceptable to wear your beloved cut off shorts. But it also marks the beautiful beginning of your love affair with layers and layers of knit, leather, cashmere, you name it.

Thankfully for Vancouver, the winters don't typically get too cold. In other words: endless outfit possibilities.

For some, these endless possibilities are your playground. But for others (a.k.a. myself, self-acknowledged fashion rookie), we could take a hint from these insanely stylish Vancouver Instagrammers, bloggers and YouTubers, on how to keep warm and stay fresh AF for this winter season.

Thank you Vancouver fashion game.

via @vernicet

Vernice Tan // @vernicet

From styling up an over-sized Thrasher hoodie to lounging around in a charcoal black fur coat - grungy, luxe, street and urban - your girl Vernice Tan is all of that and more.

via @leealexandrar

Alexandra Lee // @leealexandrar

A minimalist dream of monochrome and monotones - Alexandra Lee is your go-to lady for a simple, but sophisticated look.

Joanna Ha // @joanna_ha

Trying to class up that wardrobe of yours this winter? Out with the old and in with the new, Joanna embodies "class" to a T.

via @randasalloum

Randa Salloum // @randasalloum

This fashion and lifestyle blogger makes casual sexy and stylish. Randa knows how to make your basics look bomb.

via @caitlinfung

Caitlin Fung // @caitlinfung

Miss Caitlin Fung, Vancouver based fashion and lifestyle blogger, will give you Winter 16/17 fashion goals and some seriously infectious wanderlust.

Jayden Martin // @jaydenmartin_

Vancity boys do it right when it comes to style, *cue* Jayden Martin.

via @tovogueorbust

Alexandra Grant // @tovogueorbust

Alexandra's fashion and travel hybrid IG is one you absolutely cannot miss. This Vancouver babe is your go-to girl for travelling in style.

via @aliciafashionista

Alicia Winnett // @aliciafashionista

Thank you Alicia Fashionista for a bangin' fashion blog for beautiful curvy girls! This lady knows how to work her figure and shows you just how to do it as well.

via @andrewrodriguez7

Andrew Rodriguez // @andrewrodriguez7

Andrew Rodriguez: one-part student and one-part fashion killa. Trust that this up and coming fashion Instagrammer will be popping up all over your IG feed.

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Lily Anne Nguyen // @lilyannenguyen

Lily Anne just continues to kill and slay, and kill and slay in the Vancouver fashion community. Besides her incredibly unique Instagram account, you have to check out her blog.

Em // @emm.yee

This Vancity girl has seriously got style for days. She slays the fashion game post after post, with a little help from her little friend: amazing hair.

via @salmario

Sarah // @salmario

Shout out to the ladies who keep is classy and simple with neutrals, monochrome and basics. Sarah's IG will teach you the 411 on how to style your basics this winter.

via @speakoftheangel

Angel Zheng // @speakoftheangel

Instagrammer, blogger and YouTuber - this triple threat is reppin' Vancity girl fashion and knows exactly just how to keep you stylin' for the Vancouver winter weather.

via @jasminevegaa

Jasmine Vega // @jasminevegaa

You can 100% trust that Jasmine Vega, Vancouver-based fashion, travel and lifetsyle Instagrammer and YouTuber, will give you the next #travelinspo #styleinspo #IGdreaminspo.

via @laurenneng

Lauren Neng // @laurenneng

Fashion and lifestyle Instagrammer, and also seemingly wanderlust inspo, Lauren Neng's style is the perfect mix of urban and chic, classy and street.

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